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    Tutor vs Bridging course??

    i enrolled into uts to day for civil engineering (structural) n was just wondering is it worth doin like 2 weeks of bridging course or i should just ask my old tutor to give me like a term of tutoring. i didnt do chemstry for hsc n i only did 2 unit maths. so should i go 2 my tutor for a term...
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    How did every1 else go? i fell pretty good even thought i finished that exam in like 2 hr. did any1 else see the mistake the Board of studies made. when we had to name advantages and disadvantages of the 3 cables, they had a picture of shielded twisted pair but underneath it they asked to...
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    Ok i have heard so much about this freedom of Information application and we can get our raw marks from it. But i dont get how to actually send one in and what do you write in it. i looked at the Board of studies website and their information on the FOI is just talking shit. i just dont get it...
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    theoretical physics?

    OK i want to know how can you actually become a theoretical physicist. Are their any uni courses tha offer something like that. Cause i would seriously do it.
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    Maths exam format

    ok guys i read this on one of tha post but now i cant find. Now need 2 be sure> Did we have to write within the borders that were on the maths answer bocklets. i saw that if you write out side the border, it wont get scaned and if you wrote the answere out side u will not get the mark casue...
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    NO more english!!

    Who likes tha fact that we never have to sit an english exam EVER AGAIN!!! Cause i love it If u do i extreamly feel sorry for you..
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    Being 18 during your HSC exams

    Who thinks its hard becoming 18 just before the HSC exams? I have been so tempted to go out clubing but it taking time away from my studies. Any one else in this situation