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    Electrical Quizzes

    Hey, do any past students on here have a copy of some of the old quizzes for introduction to electrical engineering? In particular Quiz 4 and also final exam papers. If you have any from Autumn 2008 and on that would be great 'cos I think that's when Gerard started teaching the subject, and his...
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    Physics mod wiley

    anyone got their wileyplus login yet. i've emailed dr Schulte but he hasn't yet replied and i had already got an email saying i should have got my login, but i havn't EDIT: btw: i have another lecture tomoz, i am meant to have the assignment done before then right?
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    Subject clash

    This is for spring semester so isn't major issue atm: ALLOCATION FAILED. 11000585 48520_SPR_U_1_S, Tut1, 02 clashes with 48121_SPR_U_1_B, Lec1, 02 48520 is one of the 'section' ones so basically can't move it and 48121 has two sessions but thurs one is full and wed makes the clash with...
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    Who rides moto's ?

    In particular - trail/mx bikes. I ride a 2001 KTM 250 EXC
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    Truss analysis marathon

    Ok, I though it would help if we all did some truss analysis questions to start off with an easy one: Determine reactions R1 and R2 [edit: btw NOT to scale, all angles are meant to be 60deg (all equilateral triangles)]
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    Are you going to become an engineer?

    I will probably become an electrical engineer or possibly mechanical. How about you guys, who's going to become an engineer and what type?
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    Anyone got independent HSC papers for practice?

    Please I need some practice material other than actual HSC papers, please upload them. Also answers would help.
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    Global Village + The Castle

    Has anyone done the 'Global Village' topic or studied "The Castle" for module C? I need related material. We did an assessment task based on this and related material of "Foreign Correspondent - Rebellion Network" (doco about Iran on ABC)