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  1. Shanku

    What did you write for the GPS question?

    The GPS question (I think it was Q24, last part) asked for you to predict how the system could be used elsewhere. What did you suggest? I suggested it can be used to monitor bird migration patterns over the world. Hahahaha.
  2. Shanku

    Please explain the BCS theory.

    BCS Theory basically explains how Cooper pairs form within the lattice structure of a certain material. The first thing you need to know (which a lot of people forget to take into consideration when trying to understand BCS Theory) is that electrons are WAY smaller and lighter than the positive...
  3. Shanku

    explain ferrous and non ferrous

    Iron tends to rust quicker than other metals so it has a disadvantage there. It can be magnetised so you can use it in electromagnets so there's an advantage. That's the main ones I can think of now. If I find any more I'll post them up...
  4. Shanku

    good aim to use?

    From "Practical Physics for Senior Students HSC" (© Nelson Australia Pty Ltd.) Purpose: To use analysis of data collected on the period of a simple pendulum of different known lengths to calculate a value for the acceleration due to gravity. Cheers, Shanku
  5. Shanku


    Hi, Some people say to use 9.8m/s as acceleration due to gravity as it is more accurate while others say to use 10m/s as it is easier to work with. For the HSC, which one should I use? Would I get marks deducted (well technically they don't "deduct" marks... they just don't give you any) if I...
  6. Shanku

    have we got it better?

    I hope they set a fairly "easy" test since it's the first year...
  7. Shanku

    Air jordan shoes

    Maybe 85cm of air but that's still pushing it...
  8. Shanku

    2009ers: Year 12 Jerseys

    Priceless now comes at a cost... namely $75-$85...
  9. Shanku

    Is this some kind of scam?

    Oh jeez, just deny the sale and put it back on eBay hoping for a more legit buyer.
  10. Shanku

    2009ers: Year 12 Jerseys

    Re: Year 12 Jerseys My last name is Roy so I'll probably get "ROYal flush" since I'm a playing card freak. I hope people don't take it as me being a plumber or something. That would be gay. I would have to throw a card at them from 20m away for them to understand that they're wrong. Then I'd...
  11. Shanku

    Study Discussion

    Re: study hours PLANNING on doing 2 hours a day (i.e. 2 subjects - 1 hour each) I'll probably end up doing half an hour of one subject per day...
  12. Shanku

    Google Chrome

    Firefox owns this shit.
  13. Shanku

    Are teachers meant to make MX1 so hard?

    What? Some people in my class get 90+ consistently. The highest I got in MX1 is 80% and the highest I got in 2U is 86%. Yeah, it's friggin' hard but you're meant to be studying for it a few weeks before the test - not the night before.
  14. Shanku

    Classes and Gender

    I'm not the only guy in the class but I'm the only guy the teachers pick on. A group of people talk, people sleep in class, it's all fine. I say one word... "Shanku! Stop talking!":mad: Where's the justice? There is no justice, I tell ya! None at all! :hammer:
  15. Shanku

    what does the hsc actually measure.

    I think the HSC measures how well you have grasped concepts rather than procedures. This is especially evident in subjects such as Physics. There's no set procedure you have to follow like "do this for step one, then do this, then this...". You have to decide for yourself where each formula...
  16. Shanku

    Eng Adv study guides?

    My HSC is going to be next year. They're changing the syllabus? Dang! I can't scab notes off my sister! I hope the textbook writers make a good new one.
  17. Shanku

    "HSC Revise In A Month"

    Would it be wise to do the Excel Revise in a Month series EVERY MONTH for HSC? The Subjects I'm doing are: Maths Maths Extension 1 English Advanced Engineering Studies IPT Physics What I was thinking was that I get these books in the holidays and study them throughout the year. Instead of...
  18. Shanku

    What would you do if you won in excess of $10 million?

    First, I would buy a kebab. Then, while consuming the said kebab, I will decide on what to spend the rest of the money on. Perhaps another kebab? Chilli sauce this time.
  19. Shanku

    Dropping anything in Year 12?

    Are you dropping any subjects for Year 12? I'm dropping Business Studies. I hate my teacher and he hates me. BS is boring... It's a load of BS too. Haha punny. LAME! Babble as you will...
  20. Shanku

    2009ers: Year 12 Jerseys

    Re: Year 12 Jerseys I'll probably get something random like: "My IQ is:" (there will be "09" under it so yeah...) You could also do "Projected UAI:"... same effect... "Kick Me" I wish I could get this smiley on my jersey: :jaw: