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  1. katietheskatie

    metric - fantasies

    Metric FANTASIES (192kbps) : Music > Alternative - Mininova pretty damn awesome. man i love emily haines :shy:
  2. katietheskatie

    v festival

    the killers snow patrol kaiser chiefs a few other random shithouse bands discuss
  3. katietheskatie

    what is the deal with ..

    in the past few months, i've seen heaps of new commodores and holden utes driving around .. but instead of the holden lion badge thing, they have what looks like the chevrolet cross logo does anyone know why :confused:
  4. katietheskatie

    broken social scene/stars tour

    i know ben posted it in the other thread, but i'm pretty sure it deserves its own Laneway Festival & Handsome Tours Presents BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE & STARS Friday 29 February 2008 (opening 8:30pm) at The Zoo (venue info) 711 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley $45.00 **18+** well the...
  5. katietheskatie

    hottest 100

    srsly, who votes for some of this shit
  6. katietheskatie

    effing e-tax, wtf yo

    yeah, so i left it until the last minute. i'm nearly finished, but then this thing comes up like "press okay to connect to the internet!" and then there is no effing ok button! and there's no way to get past it!! what theeeeeeeeeeeee fuck .. does anyone know? ps idk why it looks so...
  7. katietheskatie

    traffic lights question

    okay, i've kinda always wondered about this, i had a bit of a search but couldn't find anything .. you know how sometimes when you're coming up to a set of lights and they turn yellow, but there's no way you can stop in time .. and if it's yellow when you start to go through the...
  8. katietheskatie

    what the hell is wrong with people?

    http://www.news.com.au/story/0,23599,20277571-1702,00.html i don't really like koalas generally, but that made me cry :o seriously, why do people do stuff like this? (this probably goes in light & offbeat 'cause it's not like omg news, but i didn't think it was offbeat or particularly...
  9. katietheskatie

    what the fuck?

    my computer has just fucked itself over. my internet dropped out so i restarted my computer (happens all the time, nothing weird), and there's usually a couple of different logons - one for me, one for my brother from when we used to share it etc. but it comes up with this screen like one of...
  10. katietheskatie

    who have you seen?

    i'm so fucking bored .. what bands/singers have you seen live?
  11. katietheskatie

    the shallow hot musician picture thread

    i expect lots of pictures of the strokes and bands/singers that are similarly hot. enough said. i would've hit this back in the day, when i was pathetically obsessed k, so he's not that hot, but ben gibbard is my hero so i'd almost do him just as a thank you for his music...
  12. katietheskatie


    clearly one of the best shows in the history of ever. discuss :uhhuh:
  13. katietheskatie

    I'm screwed...

    the thing with bio is not to get too caught up in it .. just check out the syllabus, go through the dot points one by one until you get what they're on about.
  14. katietheskatie

    hottest 100 -- who are you voting for?

    i know some of you think triple j totally blows, whatever, but the hottest 100 voting opens today. if you're voting, which ten songs have you picked? the main site is here; http://abc.net.au/triplej/hottest100/default.htm list of songs to pick from (pretty fucking huge)...
  15. katietheskatie

    death cab for cutie

    death cab's new cd comes out in about a week or so, for all you cool kids out there. :uhhuh: i've only heard a few songs from it because i'm determined not to download it before i buy it, but if it's anywhere as awesome as transatlanticism then i'll be stoked as fuck. anyone else into them?
  16. katietheskatie

    the mtv movie awards.

    i didn't know if this should go in television or movies, being that its about movies but the show's on tv, so uh .. feel free to move it. these awards are lame as fuck, but they're usually worth a laugh. at least they're not as uptight as the oscars. anyway, the nominations are up and there's...
  17. katietheskatie

    the get up kids broke up.

    so this fucking sucks :( there's been rumours for a while, but this was posted on their official site .. "Say goodnight, but mean goodbye" Ladies and gentlemen, the rumors are true. After ten years, close to a hundred recorded songs and several trips around the world, The Get Up Kids...
  18. katietheskatie

    Area of Study Stimulus Booklet Notes 2

    these were just last-minute notes i wrote out the night before the hsc, i scanned them a while ago for a 2005-er chick on my livejournal friends list and figured they might be some kind of help. they're kind of rushed and lame and my writing's pretty scribblish due to cramming, but *shrug*...
  19. katietheskatie

    rove live

    did anyone just see anna nicole smith on rove live? hahah .. holyyyy shit. she's got to be on something. that was just hilariously tragic to watch.