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  1. V

    New physics in focus book?

    i vouch this book. xiao was my physics/chemistry tutor. nothing short from brilliant. although i finished my hsc '06, im sure his books are as solid as this textbook. :jump:
  2. V

    Uni Entry System about to Collapse (SMH) - (re: UNSW)

    but i believe it is a determiner if you deserve to be in it or not. if you worked hard in yr 12, you should get the course you want. i understand if the student might not be 'suited' best for his/her course, but thats the way i always perceived from the HSC. study hard, get the required uai, get...
  3. V

    Uni Entry System about to Collapse (SMH) - (re: UNSW)

    thing is, i feel so bad for my friend i mean, my uai was WAY off (4-5uai) cutoff, he was .05, beat me in all maths and english. and didnt get in. are you sure there is NOTHING he can do about it?
  4. V

    Uni Entry System about to Collapse (SMH) - (re: UNSW)

    first off, he is my friend, i saw the marks, and i KNOW for a fact that he beat me in chemistry, english, maths 2 unit and maths ext 1, by a margin of 1 mark or 10 marks who knows, who cares, he beat me. who remember's their marks clearly anyway? secondly he got 86 in modern history and 41 in...
  5. V

    Uni Entry System about to Collapse (SMH) - (re: UNSW)

    uhh i got a friend that got 86 in english, 91 for 2 unit maths and 44/50 for ext 1 maths and did NOT make it into commerce @ unsw? do you guys think he has a strong case? his other subjects were modern history 41/50 and japanese (band 6, forgot the mark) and chemistry 86 .. now .. he beat me in...
  6. V

    ENGLISH is a joke subject

    err i know a 98/100 for adv. english, and he wasnt even 1st btw lampshade, do you go to nbhs cuz that story soudns EXTREMELY familiar:bomb:
  7. V

    2006 HSC Essay Questions

    hi robbo LOL go study eco so you pull me up :rofl: i hope no CAD/external stability crap .. if there is .. i pray the other option isnt a case study cuz then id be uber screwed :bomb: 2 of my worst topics and i have to choose one .. hmmm whats the probability??
  8. V

    Maths Ext 1 - General thoughts on the exam

    20-30% AWESOMEEE :rofl: that was probably the most insane test ive seen 1) no division of interval 2) no tan Q acute angle ... the two easiest things in the world to do, asked in every single paper except for this years ... 3) couldnt even get the first step for induction to all those that are...
  9. V

    Length contraction???

    EXACTLY THE PROBLEM glen and helper have different answers. now until someone posts up the actual Q in its hard copy form, there is little use in its discussion.
  10. V

    What raw mark u aiming for and band

    words of wisdom by bookie right there. no more to say
  11. V

    The projectile motion question

    was it required to put the angle of the initial projection down?
  12. V

    Length contraction???

    put it this way IF IT IS FROM PARTICLES PERSPECTIVE THE ANSWER IS 0.3 IF IT IS FROM THE LABS PERSPECTIVE THE ANSWER IS 0.19 BLABLABLABA from MY memory (which WELL could be wrong) i read it as particles perspective, hence 0.3. i cannot remember EXACTLY what the question said now unless one of...
  13. V

    General thoughts on the exam

    i wish they released raw marks so we can see those people who said they will get 90-95 (or 100 in the case of elias89) raw mark (excluding those who are genuine genius') and laugh at their approximation :rofl:. sure, it was a decent paper, but put things in perspective. you did other years test...
  14. V

    What HSC MARK?

    wow .. if your aiming for 97-99 raw .. and you get it .. ill see YOUR name in the SMH! frankly, it looks pretty hard to, but noone said you cant bull it off :rofl:
  15. V

    question 9

    thanks :rofl:
  16. V

    question 9

    i was talking to this with my friends and .. looking at the answers B and C .. the current flowing from Y to X / X to Y are they not the same thing? i mean .. from x-y .. the current must go from y to x later .. flaw? or is my concept wrong
  17. V

    Want to compare multiple-choice answers?

    the top people in my school said Q 7) the magnetic field is ALREADY perpendicular to the current carrying wire (ie: the B field is going into page, perpendicular to wire) hence, theda is always 90 so to say, that that 45 degree is useless and used to trick everyone. please, post your comment...
  18. V

    "Interperatation of the NEW" PHYSICAL WTF?!?!

    i wanna know how many people read the question and thought the question sound incomplete for reference again "more than anything else, physical journeys are about the interpretation of the new". i was creating random words after "new" like "lessons" and "challenges". when i read it, i honestly...
  19. V

    Physical Journeys [poll]

    55555555555555555555555555555 wat the hell .. i looked at the question for 5 minutes .. wondering if it was a typo. in a sense, the sentence didnt even sound complete - "physical journeys are about the interpretation of the new ....... the new ..... the new FRIGGEN WHAT? i just randomly made up...