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    Requirements for a state rank

    Ye seconded/thirded- its true
  2. V


    you don't seem to be balancing your time well between the subjects for math, probably cap it off at 2h/day? Set a timer and try to get as much done in that time as possible once time is up, just leave it
  3. V

    14 Units for Year 12

    did 14 units in y12 here xd had a similar problem to you as i couldnt decide which subjects to drop since i enjoyed them suspect i would have done better if i did less units but do i regret it? honestly, nah didn't do a language subject but i've heard that it's a lot of work? Logically, you...
  4. V

    BoS Maths Trials 2018

    Seconded! both 3u/4u were as challenging as advertised (and pretty fun :tennisclap: )
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    How's everyone's first year of uni so far?

    well... its been a crazy amount of socializing which is tiring, but uni is super fun :D
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    Don't know how to take notes

    For every subject you have, print out its NESA syllabus and make notes for each dotpoint. For history, you can also scaffold responses to past questions and learn it that way.
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    Is 14 units too much? 0-0

    I did 14 units and have mixed feelings. I wasnt as confident in 2 subjects and just kept them since my results were decent+ had mild interest in them. ATAR wise, in hindsight, I would have been better off dropping one of them. *shrug* it depends on you
  8. V

    Advice regarding studying!

    Hey! Reviewing content is an important part of learning so not only should you go over notes before a lesson, but also have a cumulative review at the end of the week. It depends on who you are, but I found notes to be extremely helpful in prepping for the big exams, for all subjects. Writing...
  9. V

    Getting into medicine with UMAT

    Hi! It really depends on who you are, lol. I know people have prepared quite extensively and achieved mediocre results/people who got 100 with no prep. What you can do right now is find some practice papers and get a feel of how you are going/what you may need to work on. The UMAT is extremely...
  10. V

    Share your 2017 HSC results here

    99.80 Didnt meet the goal i set for myself but ah well Its fine xD
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    2017 ATAR Calculator Thread

    Good luck man > < Edit: @dilara whoops forgot quote
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    Chemistry Exam thoughts

    Got rekt by industrial l m a o
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    What is your favourite anime and Manga?

    ^Yea boi Also cowboy bebop/vagabond
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    Hey can anyone give me a few tips for my creative writing piece plz!!!

    Just some of the more exciting reads: 1984 Orwell (his style is very readable so if you do him for a module its two birds with one stone :) ), Perfume (it's absurdist and pretty funny/spooky, but the description was actually amazing), Long walk to freedom (Nelson Mandela- I think this clearly...
  15. V

    Hey can anyone give me a few tips for my creative writing piece plz!!!

    hey! For AOS creatives, you need to get things going as you are restricted by time/your writing speed. What's the discovery concept behind your story? Do you have a paragraph plan of how the narrative will progress? What the reader learns from the first two paragraphs is: the main character is...
  16. V

    2018ers Chit-Chat Thread

    omg gl yung ones! (ง •̀_•́)งfight!
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    What happens if you don’t turn up to a HSC exam?

    had a conversation with someone yesterday; he got an n-award for not turning up so he couldnt get an atar or something- in that sense, it's not the same as getting a zero (from what i heard)
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    2017ers Chit-Chat Thread

    pm trebla (?) http://community.boredofstudies.org/1178/general-discussion-2017-hsc/367886/bos-maths-trials-2017-a.html