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    census date

    I forgot to pay for my fees before the census date which was yesterday... and today im trying to call uws to ask if I can pay today but it's closed. What happens if you don't pay for your fees by the census date? Am I going to get kicked out? :/
  2. M

    Hardest units im doing

    Hi I was just wondering out of these four units which unit is the hardest to easiest. 1. Statistics for business. 2. Principles of Economics. 3. Accounting Information for Managers 4. Business Academic Skills And with these units is it easy to get a good GPA? Cheers.
  3. M

    P's test.

    Hey guys, I have my P's test tomorrow and I was just wondering what is the likelihood that they'll ask me to do Reverse parking. That's one thing I'm not very confident with, other than that I'm fine. When you guys did your tests did they ask you to do reverse parking?
  4. M

    Transferring to Macquarie or UNSW.

    I got an Early round offer for B (Business and Commerce) at UWS, I don't want to study the whole 3 years at UWS. Is it very difficult to transfer to MACQ or UNSW coming from UWS?
  5. M


    Hi, I recently finished my final version for my creative writing and I was wondering if there is anyone from BOS that could take a look over it and tell me if it's okay and if it covers the aspect of belonging well? Cheers.
  6. M


    So, I've lately been doing mock paper 1 tests with my tutor and for the essay and creative I get reasonably good, 12-14 but when it comes to comprehension I get 6-9... (lol). Is there anyway I can improve my comprehension marks.
  7. M

    Final Ranks, would like an estimate

    hello fellow bosers, these are my final ranks for the subjects I do, just wanted a quick estimate, my aim is 90 + ATAR. Could you tell me if it's possible to attain this ATAR goal, thanks :) School rank: 39 Standard English: 13/62 Mathematics: 2/56 Mathematics Extension 1: 4/71 Economics...