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    What should I do after I finish school?

    well..... if I were you (which, after several hours of intense psychological anlysis, i have realised i'm not) I would seriously consider becoming either a school careers advisor or an important international political leader, like my friend George (no relation).... he's a goat, and really quite...
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    need help please

    There are a fair few past papers for years 1995-2005 (2006 isnt out yet. unless you got it from a teacher or somebody else at your school) on the board of studies website (http://www.boardofstudies.nsw.edu.au/hsc_exams/). I used these heaps over the past couple of years studying for exams...
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    Biology query

    In my understanding. Xylem are the main tubes in the vascular bundles of plants (the other being the phloem) and thier prime purpose is to transport water and disolved minerals up from the root hairs to the leaves. they do this using a mechanism called evaporation...