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  1. RG11

    need help!!

  2. RG11

    Urgent class test question

    A ladder of length 3 metres is leaning against a verticle wall. The foot of the ladder is pulled away from the wall at the rate of 0.5 metres per second. How fast is the top of the ladder moving down the wall when the foot is 1 metre away from the wall? all i have is the equation B^2 + H^2=9...
  3. RG11

    desperate for help for the ONE question (HAVE class test tommorow)

    Find the parametric vector forms to describe the following planes in R^3. a) x2+6x3 = -1 b) x3=2 thanks!
  4. RG11

    First year maths questions (plz elp)

    1. If A(-1,3,4), B(4,6,3), C(-1,2,1) and D are the verticies of a paralellogram, find all the possible coordinates for the point D. 2. Consider three non-collinear points D, E, F in R^3 with coordinate vectors d, e and f. There are exactly 3 points in R^3 which, taken one at a time with D, E...
  5. RG11

    2014 Modern History HSC exam predictions thread

    Hey everyone, feel free to post your predictions for your respective topics!
  6. RG11

    how to answer this question?

    The ph of a 0.0541 molL^-1 solution of hcl is most correctly expressed as: A) 1.266803 B) 1.267 C) 1.27 D) 1.3 If the original 0.0541 is 3 sig figs shouldnt the answer be C?
  7. RG11

    need help on structure for part a) question (ALBERT SPEER)

    Describe the major influences which led to the rise to prominence of your chosen personality in his/her's nations history Personality is Albert Speer. Paragraph on his Education Paragraph on his reasons for joining Nazi party and introduction to Nazism Paragraph on his Early work for Nazi...
  8. RG11

    is this matrix education chemistry teacher good? (truc nguyen)

    Has anyone that has had him think he is good? Thanks
  9. RG11

    urgent germany essay help!

    I looked at the 2008 Germany option 1 question : Account for the successes and failures of democracy in Germany in the period 1918 to 1933 (but for my school exam we are only being examined up to 1919 so i need only to 1929. i need to know how to answer this, i looked at the marking notes but...
  10. RG11

    Test tommorow - urgent help needed!

    Question is: S (s) + O2 (g) --> SO2(g) what volume of sulfur dioxide gas will be released at 25 degrees and 101.3 kPa when 8g of sulfur is burnt? in the answers in sucess one chemistry it says use n = v/24.47 but i thought the formula was n= v/24.79 ?? can someone explain what...
  11. RG11

    success one chemistry?

    Are the answers provided full mark answers?? If they arent where can I acess full mark answers to the past hsc questions??
  12. RG11

    MedEntry Diamond package?

    Hey guys has anyone enrolled in this course (its the priciest one at $1970) at med entry? Im looking at it because of the 5 private tutoring lessons you get and also for the other services included (application review and Interview sessions). Are the tutors good? If not, does anyone have any...
  13. RG11

    heat loss related to validity?

    In the heat of combustikn of alkanols experiment is reducing heat loss improving validity of the experiment? Specifically the fact that the conical flask if glass and this is an insulator..
  14. RG11

    why is KJ/g a better measure of 'heat efficiency' of fuels than...

    molar heats of combustion? thanks in advance guys
  15. RG11

    Best maths teacher/s at matrix education?

  16. RG11

    jones and couchman book 1

    any1 got it in pdf mode? if so pls pm me, desperately need it
  17. RG11

    best prelim notes

    whose are the best notes for prelim physics? (that can be found in resources section) or if you could pm. thanks
  18. RG11

    need help with easy absolute value question! URGENT

    5x-7/x <= 4 im getting x<0 and x>=7 sry to ask this stupid q :/
  19. RG11

    Modern History

    So i have a history exam coming up and i have been neglecting history (i.e. giving in shitty rush job essays). We have to answer a question they give on the day about The Meiji Restoration and my teacher has given out a massive hint that its going to be an explain question and mainly focusing on...