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  1. pigs_can_fly

    Everyone Come To The Aybc Stall !!!!!

    forget all the rest, make sure you guys make your way to the aybc stall during oweek. we'll also be there at the ecos and bus day on 1 march. we've got our annual cruise coming up in easter that totally kicks comsoc out of the water. plus, we'll have heaps of motivational speakers (eg. young...
  2. pigs_can_fly

    digital tv tuner

    i wanna get a tv tuner card for my pc (digital preferably, but i guess normal is ok...) but i have no idea how much they are, which ones are good, what i should look for, how to install etc etc can anyone gimme any help? thnx
  3. pigs_can_fly

    swap msn or icq

    i dunno if u guys wanna do this, but we all seem to sorta know each other i think it's a good idea to keep contact and stuff so if u wanna post ur msn and icq, that'd be really cool if not, that's also cool :p mine's pigs_can_fly58@hotmail.com or 100692282
  4. pigs_can_fly

    Usyd Law Camp

    i know this aint till end of march, but who thinks they'll be going? or is it compulsory?
  5. pigs_can_fly

    have we got reading lists for b comm yet?

    :confused: like acct1001, econ 1001, and stuff like that, do we know wot books we have to buy yet? cos i got a law reading list ages ago
  6. pigs_can_fly

    FX5200 or FX5700?

    i've been ringing around a few computer places asking for quotes for a desktop, and a lot have been saying that i should get a geforce fx5700 instead of a 5200, which they reckon is just crap and entry level and i can't play any games on it. do u reckon they're rite? do u think the extra 170...
  7. pigs_can_fly

    laser or inkjet?

    if i just need a mono b+w printer for uni stuff, wot would i be better off getting? mono laser, or inkjet. for the same money, wot better laser or inkjet. how bout quality and long-term costs? and if i leave colour inkjet cartridges for like a long time, do they dry up and become useless, cos...
  8. pigs_can_fly

    latin massacre/big thread/thread where you can't go off topic/rip-off of lexi's threa

    latin massacre/thread where you can't go off topic/rip-off of lexi's thread in jap ok boys and girls...spam away!
  9. pigs_can_fly

    monitor troubles

    my 17in CRT monitor recently fuked up. all i see when i turn it on is a single horizontal line across the screen. its pretty old, but it was working fine before. i got a new monitor today, but i'm just wondering if u guys might know wots wrong with my old one, in case its something easily...
  10. pigs_can_fly

    deleting of spam

    it has come to my attention that latin forum has rapidly evolved into a non-school forum for the 'elite' few, and perhaps even worse, since most threads end up being closed. therefore, in preparation for the new year, and the coming (hopefully) of the class of 04, i've decided to selectively...
  11. pigs_can_fly


    hei, wot r u law dudes majoring in for arts or comm or wotever
  12. pigs_can_fly

    wtb: nintendo64 games

    does anyone have any n64 games they don't want anymore and want to sell?
  13. pigs_can_fly

    problems starting nero

    i just got an internal burner, and i installed it fine, and it works, but when i try to open nero, it gives me this error message: "The Nero executable file was modified! Maybe your PC is infected by a computer virus! We would recommend to use the latest antivirus software to check your PC. If...
  14. pigs_can_fly

    formattin hard-drive

    hei, i'm wondering, when u format ur hard-drive, do u lose everything including DOS and BIOS (i'm only on Win98 SE)? so does that mean i have to install drivers for like floppy drice, CDROM and all that stuff u take for granted when u buy a new comp? can someone explain the process of formatting...
  15. pigs_can_fly

    digital cameras

    i'm looking for a digital camera with 3MP and 3X optical zoom. can u guys recommend a brand and model. my budget's 500 or less. r the sony cybreshots any good? or should i stick to known camera brands like canon, kodak, etc. is it true that the memory cards for canon r cheaper than memory...
  16. pigs_can_fly

    internal CD-RW

    hei can u guys tell me if its hard to install and internal cd burner. like could a fairly noob person like me do it with the help of some instructions? can someone just describe the process roughly? (im using windows 98SE - old i know, i soo need a new comp) thnx
  17. pigs_can_fly

    its finally farken over!!!

    NUNC EST BIBENDUM! omg...im so happy it is finally goddamn over!!!
  18. pigs_can_fly

    latin extension

    farken...i reckon this has to be the hardest latin exam i've ever had to sit. the set text stuff wasn't too bad, although the essay was abit out of the ordinary (not aimed at techniques) but at least is was ok. but the unseen, omg, i spent like 20 minutes on it, then gave up and tried my hand at...
  19. pigs_can_fly

    latin continuers

    hmmm...doubt anyone's gonna come here, but in case they do, what did u guys think of it? i think on the whole this exam wasn't too bad. the set text was ok, i had some trouble with the grammar, and that context question on catiline's good qualities was a bitch, but the unseens weren't that...
  20. pigs_can_fly

    young and dangerous

    hei, does anyone know the title and artist for the title song (one that plays at the start and end of film) for young and dangerous 6: born to be king? and also the song that plays in the background when ekin's old-girlfriend-lookalike (the hawtttt one!) says she's getting married soon and she's...