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  1. Rhinoz8142

    MS Surface Studio

    (i expected seremify to create this thread, I guess I beat him to it XD) So, what do you guys think ? I know its just a small glimpse of the device, but oh my ! it looks so innovative and "futuristic" but in my opinion the device is useful for graphic designers and etc.
  2. Rhinoz8142

    Information Systems or Data Analytics

    I am not sure if this is the right thread but in terms of high jobs opportunities which is better IS or Data Analytics.
  3. Rhinoz8142


    Hi All Less than 12hr since the IBP final exam.. But am I the only one who is stressing on how to study the subject ?.. I keep on hearing that the subject is all bullshit and all then what exactly do they test on ? Nearly 3/4 of the tuts and lecs are all related towards our business...
  4. Rhinoz8142

    Survey for Mental Health

    Hey Guys I need all you wonderful people to fill in this survey for an uni asssignement Please and Thank you :D
  5. Rhinoz8142

    Laptop for Rhinoz8142

    Sup all.. Pls recommend me a laptop. Here are the specs i want. Budget: 500-1000 Size: 13-16inch Need to buy it in Aus Mostly prefer: Dell,HP or Lenovo not Mac,Asus,Sony or Toshiba A redistributed laptop will suffice. Primary Task: Uni work,web browsing,programming, movies,music and very...
  6. Rhinoz8142

    UTS Offers

    I just wanna know about the UTS offer My predicted ATAR is 72-75, now by EAS it can provide me I think 10 extra ATAR points but also I have completed the Questionaire So that would enable me to get into my course of 85 (Eng,Bus) So my question is that which round would I most...
  7. Rhinoz8142

    Fitness Thread

    Since everyone exams are finished (Uni and Highschool), ppl are now free and started to train and workout. So I decided to create this thread so members can motivate each other and help each other out in reaching their fitness goals. Let me start by first tell my stats - 17 years old...
  8. Rhinoz8142

    Tips for Briar Rose

    Hi guys.. could anyone give some tips on briar rose. In my opinion its one of the hardest text in English. Like in Module A and D I have already created generic essay for the exam.But I just cannot create one for this.. Thanks..
  9. Rhinoz8142

    Judgement of question please

    Please rate my answer towards this 7 mark question Compare the contribution of Einstein and Planck to the reconceptualization of the model of light and their differing views on social responsibilities of scientist ? The first idea about black body radiation is that energy is absorbed or...
  10. Rhinoz8142

    UWS to UTS Success Story

    Anyone here or anyone know ppl who has successfully got from UWS Eng to UTS Eng.
  11. Rhinoz8142

    Maths in Focus

    I have been hearing from people that Maths In Focus is not a great book for practicing questions.. Is this true.. ?
  12. Rhinoz8142


    Hi, All I just want your opinion on something, there is a new degree out by UWS B Engineering/ B Applied Leadership and Critical Thinking in Parramatta. I have been thinking to put this course on my preferences because I am not really sure if I would be able to directly get into Eng in UTS...
  13. Rhinoz8142

    Computer Systems

    Hi.. I am very interested into doing UTS ICT Eng, I just wanna know what exactly is Computer System Eng. I would search on it... but it doesn't say anything on the website,
  14. Rhinoz8142

    How to study this subject

    Dear Past IPT students... How to study this topic... by writiing the notes or past papers
  15. Rhinoz8142

    Messier Effect

    Could someone explain me the Messier Effect, what I understand is that When a conductor reaches it critical temperature, it becomes a superconductor. The superconductor has electrons that are formed as cooper pairs, because these pairs do not interact with each other, there is no loss of...
  16. Rhinoz8142


    ATAR Estimate English 46% Examination 3/11 Rank Assessment Rank 1/11 Maths 2U 73% Examination 2/7 rank 2/7 assessment rank Maths 3U 86% Examination 1/4 Rank 1/4 Assessment Rank Biology 77% Biology 5/15 Rank 6/15 Assessment Rank Physics 69% 2/6 4/6 Assessment Rank...
  17. Rhinoz8142

    ATAR Estimate

    What do u think my ATAR is gonna be like English 46% Examination 3/11 Rank Assessment Rank 1/11 Maths 2U 73% Examination 2/7 rank 2/7 assessment rank Maths 3U 86% Examination 1/4 Rank 1/4 Assessment Rank Biology 77% Biology 5/15 Rank 6/15 Assessment Rank Physics 69% 2/6 4/6...
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    Hi All.. I just want to know, when do you have to apply for UAC and when do you have to fill in your preferences.. Thanks..
  19. Rhinoz8142

    Trig Function

    OMG!!!I forgot on how to do these equation..could you guys help me.. Q1 )cos x/2 = 1/ √2 Q2) sin theta = 2/3 find cos theta tan theta
  20. Rhinoz8142

    Some Advice in 3u

    Hi all.. I am nearly done with my course..just app of cal to the phy world is left.. So I am just here to ask you all that is it normal to feel a bit concern on your performance on this having low confidence on the topics... sometimes I imagine that my brain will go blank...