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  1. aussienerd

    Lesbian cougars.

    What do you think of them? Do you think it's wrong for there to be a large age difference between two women in a relationship, and how old is too old? Particularly for me at 19... (:
  2. aussienerd

    Why is it so damn hard?

    Why is it so damn hard to find a list of all the TAFEs that offer the HSC as one of their courses? I currently go to Bankstown TAFE but an important family matter has come up so I might be moving soon... Like within the next week. I know there might be some for each collective groups of TAFE...
  3. aussienerd

    Paging Dr. Nerd Love

    I just came across this video on my friend's Facebook and I found it interesting. Just thought I would share it here and see what you have to say. Has anyone else ever heard of Dr. Nerd Love? (:
  4. aussienerd

    Please be bothered to read the lyrics of this song and share your thoughts.

    Ladies and Gentlemen of the class of ’99 If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it. The long term benefits of sunscreen have been proved by scientists...
  5. aussienerd

    Who are your favourite comedians/comediennes

    I love stand up comedy. Among my favourites of comedians are Ellen DeGenerous, Carl Barron, Jimeoin and Jeff Dunham's ventriloquism. Who are yours?
  6. aussienerd

    What to expect.

    I'm doing HSC Drama next year at TAFE and I have no idea what to expect as I've never done drama in school before :/ Is it hard? (That's what she said)
  7. aussienerd

    Underbelly or House?

    I think they're on at the same time correct me if i'm wrong. Which would YOU rather watch? I personally prefer House as I aspire to become a doctor in the future and find him more interesting...
  8. aussienerd

    does tafe go on holidays with the schools?

    I've been sick this week so i havent been at TAFE to ask
  9. aussienerd

    mardi gras

    who went? i thought it was fucking awesome well... so far
  10. aussienerd

    ATAR and scaling

    Im planning on going to tafe this year and I was wondering if doing my hsc this way would affect the scaling in my ATAR. are there courses offered that have high scaling or something like that?:chainsaw:
  11. aussienerd

    chem question

    i heard that chemistry was hard in yr 11 but got easier in year 12 or something... is this true? what are other peoples opinions??
  12. aussienerd

    constructive criticism

    i have attached a semi biographical fiction story that i am writing which is about my life. Some constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated. My friend said it didnt make sense to her and i havent got a clue what to do about it. i dont care what you say i just want to hear what you...
  13. aussienerd

    what do you say in interviews?

    according to this quote your not supposed to say you like helping people so what ARE you supposed to say? quote=lifequest;4688814]We, as practicing dentist, also learn from cadavers. However, we do not dissect them as such due to limited specimens. Re- Importance of the title Dr. Not that...
  14. aussienerd

    im poor

    I have big problems... I need advice and stuff. Im a bright student and strive to do well but i struggle only a little with my depression and **** anyway, i want to study more often but i get in trouble its not fair! how can i apply for something like a scolarship to go to a boarding school so i...
  15. aussienerd

    first aid

    do you do first aid in pdhpe in yr 11 and 12 too
  16. aussienerd

    views on gays

    i'm gay and i get teased alot is anyone here non-homophobe or you can tease me more if you want i dont mind
  17. aussienerd

    pathways anyone?

    does anyone here do pathways, if so: 1. what school is it through? 2. is it because you are disabled or in hospital?
  18. aussienerd

    girls getting tased for doing automotive

    I'm considering taking automotive... is it worth it? Would girls get teased for doing it?
  19. aussienerd

    need a tutor

    im considering getting a tutor... can anyone give me details, price ranges etc. Ill be doing yr 12: business services yr 11:advanced english, extension 1, gereral maths, biology, chemistry, 1 unit sor
  20. aussienerd

    the hsc

    hey everyone how is the hsc going?