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  1. Heresy

    Are lectures at MQ mandatory to attend?

    Got accepted into MQ and a lot of the early morning classes are gone (no surprise), so I've had to place some of my lectures at inconvenient times for myself. So is it compulsory to attend lectures? I know that MQ records their lectures so I can catch up on whatever I've missed. Any help on this...
  2. Heresy

    Legal Studies Predictions/Thoughts

    What does everyone think the Crime and Option Essays could be tomorrow?
  3. Heresy

    Mathematics Extension 1 Exam Predictions/Thoughts

    What does everyone think Q14 will be this year? I'm guessing a monster Projectile Question like it usually is, or even something like a mix of Binomial Probability or Harder Permutations/ Combinations.
  4. Heresy

    Paper 1 and 2 Essay + Creative Questions? (New Syllabus)

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone had any additional essay and/or creative writing questions that they can share Relating to the New Syllabus? Besides memorising quotes and themes etc., its becoming a bit of a struggle to study for English as: The only New Syllabus Resources that we...
  5. Heresy

    Exponential Growth and Decay Help?

    I need help with part c (mainly with how fast the salt is dissolving) and d please, any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Heresy

    Trig u-Substitution Integral - Help!

    Help Please! The answer is 1/2ln(3)
  7. Heresy

    Fitzpatrick Extension 2 (2nd Edition)

    Has anyone used the newer version of the Fitzpatrick book? Not the trash 1990's version. Here's the cover if you don't know what I'm talking about: Just want to...
  8. Heresy

    Help with Induction???

    I'm not sure why but I'm having trouble with factorising it and proving it (n =k+1 - after you sub in n=k) - smh...
  9. Heresy

    Circle Geometry Question

    I'm having trouble with this question (and pretty much the rest of Circle Geometry). Any tips?
  10. Heresy

    Integral of a quarter-circle

    Find the area bounded by the curve y = (4-x^2)^1/2, the x-axis and the y-axis in the first quadrant. I know what the integral is, but whenever I try to solve it I end up with 16/3 - when the answer should be pi units^2 Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Heresy

    Binomial Probability - Percentages (Help)

    "The probability of a certain brand of light globe being faulty is 1.3%. In a batch of 8 such light globes, find the probability, as a percentage correct to 1 decimal place, that none will be faulty"
  12. Heresy

    Please Help (Greatest Coefficient)

    Question is Find the greatest coefficient of (2x - 1)^5. I GET THE CONCEPT BEHIND GREATEST COEFFICIENT/ GREATEST TERM - However when you simplify this out (after factorials etc.) you will end up with -[6-k/2k]. 1. As I go to solve for k, should I use Tk +1 >1 or should I use Tk+1 < 1? Also...
  13. Heresy

    Ratios of Binomial Expansions

    1) In the expansion of (1+x)^16, fing the ratio of the term in x^13 to the term in x^11. 2) In the expansion of (2+3x)^n, the coefficients of x^5 and x^6 are in the ratio 4:9. Find the value of n. Any help would be great, thanks!
  14. Heresy

    Any tips on making MX2 Notes?

    I tried to make notes on MX2 last night but found it pretty difficult. I was just wondering if anyone had any tips and/or tricks when it came to making good quality MX2 Notes.
  15. Heresy

    Help with Binomial Theorem!

    This is question 15 from Exercise 5A from the Year 12 Volume of the Cambridge MX1 Textbook: "Determine the value of the term independent of x in the expansion of: (1+2x)^4(1-1/x^2)^6" Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time!
  16. Heresy

    State Rankings

    I was just wondering - what does it take to get a state ranking, all rounders etc.? I keep on hearing about them but what do you have to achieve academically to achieve such a feat - 90's? Edit: Both Internally and Externally
  17. Heresy

    How to effectively study for a Maths exam?

    I've got about a week left until my exams start and I'm freaking out :spin: My 2U exam is about 9 days away and my 3U exam is about 12 days away - not to mention the other 5 I need to do :chainsaw: My main question is how can I get through all of the syllabus content and master it along...
  18. Heresy

    Do I have a death wish?

    I was recently offered to take up History Extension by teachers at my school and I put my name down for it - however, I am going to be picking Extension 2 Maths and I want to know if 3 Extensions is going to be manageable. Thoughts?
  19. Heresy

    Exercise 11.10 (Locus Problems) - Question 1

    1a) Find the equation of the focal chord PF on the parabola x^2 = 8y where P= (-8,8) and F is the focus. I have already found that the equation is 3x +4y - 8 = 0 b) Find the coordinates of Q where the focal chord intersects the parabola again. THIS IS THE MAIN QUESTION I'M HAVING...
  20. Heresy

    Some more Parametric Problems...

    I'm having some trouble with some parametric questions: 1. Find the point of intersection of the tangents to the curve x^2 = 12y at (-6,3) and (2, 1/3) 2. The chord of contact of two tangents drawn from an external point P to the parabola x^2 =8y has equation x + 2y -3 = 0. Find the...