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    Mens Rea 4 murder in Crim Law

    okay. i have a question... the three heads of mens rea in crim law for murder are... 1) intent to kill 2) intent to inflict grievous bodily harm 3) reckless indifference to human life. one of the three must be satisfied for the accused to be held liable for murder. in a problem question...
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    Majority/minority judgements

    i'm slightly confused...about the concept of majority/minority judgments...and was hoping someone could explain it? i know its a very broad and vague question, which is only a reflection just how little i understand it... how are u meant to use the different judgments in a problem question...
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    Hindi Tutor Wanted

    hi there, hindi is my mothertongue so i know how to speak it and understand it. i generally know the grammar etc, although i do get tongue tied due to lack of fluency. the main thing i'm looking for is someone to help me out with the reading/writing. i've had a little bit of exposure to...
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    Special Consid: Exams

    just a quick question -- my laptop crashed and i lost my exam preparation. its a subject from the law faculty..and the exam is open book.... can i get special consideration? :S
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    Law: grades v. experience

    i'm a first year com/law student, and for the past few months i've been working in an alternative dispute resolution firm. its a very small firm, but the experience is really good ie. i'm not just doing secretarial work.. however on a subconcious level thats sort've made me slacken off in...
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    law essays

    please excuse the noob question but... i'm a uts student doin legal method and research this sem... we've basically been given a legal problem and told to give the person legal advice. i sorta have an idea of what im doing, but i have like...20 cases, and i'm i really need to...
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    law w/part-time job

    i'm sure similar threads have been made but i wanted some feedback a bit more specific to my situation. i've only started doing the business subjects of my buis/law degree at uts, and am to start law subjects in sem2. the subjects i'll be doing are marketing (business subject), legal method...
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    perspectives on law

    can anyone how did the perspectives on law subject this semester please post up the subject outline? i'd like to look through it before starting the sub next semester... any help would be great thanks :)
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    eco for business finals.

    hey, we've been given the sample exam paper... i'm just not sure.. with part B (microeconomic short answer questions) and part C (macroeconomic short answer Qs) and the media questions... i'm not sure what is the expected length for such short answer questions? and .."quality" - eg, i'd...
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    selling textbooks

    i'm a first year business/law student i'm wondring if i should sell my textbooks after this semester? specifically in relation to accounting (using horngren 5th ed) and blethics (gibson and fraser, business law and ethics book) - will i require either of these books in later courses? or can...
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    on offer: Eco/Modern/SOR -- 99.25 UAI

    heey... well yeah as the title reads. economics, SOR1/SOR2 and modern history are the subjects i excelled in during the hsc and that i thoroughly enjoyed. i tutor predominantly in the CBD area for $22/hr :) i'm willing to travel to some extent however would have to charge extra for...
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    Concavity of PPF

    - could someone flesh out why the production possibility frontier is concave? from memory i think riley/leading edge had a good explanation - but i no longer have the books. cheers.
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    last min change pref advice...uts/maq

    1) i have a UTS offer which i've accepted but i want to try for macquarie as well, but am unsure if i would accept macquarie. if i change macquarie prefernce so that it is placed above uts, will my uts offer get cancelled? and the degree i'm looking at is com/law - can anyone give me any...
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    missed unsw law by 0.05

    cut off: 99.3 my uai: 99.25 what are the possibilities i can get a late round offer? do i have any other options if i really, really reallly want to get to unsw? apart from paying full fee for one year and trying to transfer?
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    Crime fic. supp texts advice

    apart from other things, i do have one big suggestion: go beyond american/british crime fic. study texts from set/written in other countries - this will force you to explore a more diverse range of values. my teacher was a senior hsc marker and variety in texts especially in terms of country...
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    com/law or com/mba

    i'm kinda stuck between the option of doing commerce/law [5yrs] or doing commerce and then in post grad do an MBA [i know some experience is required before you can do MBA, that's cool with me] so i just wanted some opinions on the options, and which would be better. i'm not entirely sure...
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    Beer below 30?

    i have some friends who got a UAI below 30 and we're all curious about the myth that those who get below 30 get supplied with beer? is that just a myth...? what's the deal with that?
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    Beer below 30?

    i have some friends who got a UAI below 30 and we're all curious about the myth that those who get below 30 get supplied with beer? is that just a myth...? what's the deal with that?
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    Course Crisis

    *sigh* so i thought i was decided on my course - looks like i'm up in the air again. my intial inclinations that i was set on was the business/commerce side first i was thinking but then preferred followed by MBA [partially because MBA was something i wanted to do before...
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    What scales to Band 6?

    hey, just wondering approx what raw mark (on average - i know it varies from year to year) scales to band 6?