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  1. d1zzyohs


    Hey guys, I'm d1zzy. I joined this forum early this year, and continue to post, trying to help users around the forum. I've seen some marking services online, asking ridiculous prices like 40$, and thought that was hilarious. A little academic background: I'm 1st in my school for English...
  2. d1zzyohs

    'Conciseness' and it's effect on extended responses

    In my physics trial my teacher literally took like 15 marks off of me for 'not being concise'. Yet, when I look at HSC marking guidelines, it's more like a checklist of considering enough points on the syllabus. I enjoy writing out long elaborate answers for like 9 markers - will I be punished...
  3. d1zzyohs

    Macquarie Co-op

    Anyone gotten offers yet? Suppose to come out sometime from today to this week.
  4. d1zzyohs

    Maths Extension 2 Thoughts and Feelings

    I felt as though that was way harder than 2020 and 2021. Multiple choice was pretty difficult, and from question 14 onwards many of the questions felt very abstract.
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    Hahahaha probably like three people who've done it. Looks like NESA is looking towards a more modern approach? No classical music this year.
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    Anyone have aural exam tips for music?

    Hello, Just wondering if any bos'ers who do or have done music 1/2 could provide some general tips/structural tips for the aural exam this thursday. I did pretty good in the trials; but want to elevate my mark to cover for any hiccups I may have encountered in my performance exam. Thank you!
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    MX2 PREDICTIONS (Q16, Q15..)

    Mechanics again? Maybe roots of unity with quadratic/cubic/quartic formulas. Whaddaya guys think?
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    What on earth is this question asking

    How does Eliot’s experimentation with form elevate his purpose? In your response, make detailed reference to the excerpt and to your prescribed text as a whole Do I have to refer to all 5 poems? Terrible wording tbh. Chatswood 2022
  9. d1zzyohs

    English Short Answer Inquiry

    Does anyone finish comprehension in like 30 minutes? Idk what my problem is... I got decent marks (18/20) for comprehension, How do I slow down????
  10. d1zzyohs

    Anyone else burnt out/exhausted

    I am so tired English is actually created by some evil monsters. Why cant we be like every other country, and have just comprehension skills as the normal english course. I do not care about Margaret Atwood, she is a terrible writer. No, 'Hag-seed' isn't good, it's terrrible. T.S Eliot is an...
  11. d1zzyohs

    What is genuinely considered a good raw mark?

    I got a 79 on the CSSA MX2 trial. What's a good raw mark (like no bs like genuinely)
  12. d1zzyohs

    how many past papers per day

  13. d1zzyohs

    Any Excel-like HSC past papers for EX2?

    Or any papers which specifically omit the non-syllabus questions?
  14. d1zzyohs

    When do Encore Nominations come out?

  15. d1zzyohs

    Hints on getting encore?

    Hello to the possibly the deadest forum on BOS, I heard that if the markers are taking a while to call in the next student, it usually either means theres a discrepancy between the marks, or that they're considering you for an encore nom. Anyone know anything about that? Cheers
  16. d1zzyohs

    Getting a 99+ with 2 units of music 1

    fellow bos'ers; my decision to choose music 1 haunts me to this day. My school is ranked in the low 100's. after trials I am ranked tied first with an average of ~ 96-97% in music. (4-3 students get a band 6 in a class of 8ish) For English, I ranked first overall after trials with a trial mark...
  17. d1zzyohs

    Question in internal ranking

    hello bos'ers, i'm currently doing maths extension 2. my school isn't the greatest (top 100ish); but it's mathematics cohort is very strong (i believe we placed top 30 2 years ago). i'm currently 3/7 or 4/7; but the gaps between the ranks are about 1%-2% each. Will this greatly affect me because...
  18. d1zzyohs

    Exam strategy for trials

    What's the meta strat for trials for the ext 2 exam? Obviously I know I'm not gonna be able to do a few fair questions in 15/16; but, finish all the questions I know to do and try to spam the hard ones until done/maximise the marks? Daunting tbh... Any CSSA Doers?
  19. d1zzyohs

    CSSA Paper 2 thoughts

    How did we feel my fellow catholic goers