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  1. mitochondria

    Good luck!

    The title says it all :p (omg.. I'm spamming XD)
  2. mitochondria

    Concerning the activity in the Chem forums..

    Is it just me or do you feel it too? This year's HSCers don't seem to be too enthusiastic about Chemistry :confused: maybe it's the holiday.. (it wasn't much better before the holiday though..
  3. mitochondria

    Is anyone familiar with the Commerce/Science program?

    I just got off the phone with my friend and is very much confused about the Commerce/Science program *frown* :( she wants to major in Economics and Food Science.. it seems that there are more to be studied than time allowes :confused: *looks for timmy*
  4. mitochondria

    First year course in second year

    *scretch head*... Are we allowed to do first year courses in second year? :confused: Also.. does not choosing the electives specified by the faculty really matter? :confused: *majorly confused* :p
  5. mitochondria

    Content Management System...?

    I have been reading and googling about CMS for the past half an hour and still have no idea about what it is other than: "it is a system that manages contents" Does anyone happen to know what exactly it is and could possibly give a few examples? Thank yooooooooou! oh btw, I found this...
  6. mitochondria

    Innovative Management Diplomer for BSc. (Advanced)

    I recall reading and be told that the Innovative Management Diplomer is available to second year advanced science tudents who achieve an above credit average at the beginning of last year.. Does anyone have any ideas about it? I don't seem to be able to find anything about it.. Dead hyperlinks...
  7. mitochondria

    Chem 1031 Lab...

    Ummm.. thought this would be quite emberassing and not quite relevant.. but.. did anyone get a basic unknown for this week's lab and have valid results that I could use? (I will make full reference to the source.. I got my temporary demonstrator's permission to do that..) Thank you! I'm...
  8. mitochondria

    Unpreventable Restart (XP)

    This is really werid.. Before I fixed this, Windows restart after every 1 minute I have logged on, and a message box pops up saying: I could start it in save mode when this happened and tried doing things such as disabling all services, recovering my registry to an earlier time.. but didn't...
  9. mitochondria

    Transferring from another uni

    ummm.. does anyone know anything about transferring from another uni to UNSW? Like what grades he has to get and when does the transfer occur... etc? One of my friend is currently studying @ UWS but wish to transfer to UNSW.. He wants to major in Physics in BSc.. any ideas? Thanks in advance :)
  10. mitochondria

    Really confused...

    mee logged into the admission services thing earlier and saw this message: but I did everything as instructed and have already enrolled into courses and got my timetable (but now I don't seem to be able to find it anywhere..) etc. really really *freaked out* at the moment... I'm serious...
  11. mitochondria

    Mentoring Program

    Umm... apparently there is a lunch thingy for this program on the 27th.. is anyone going? Did anyone actually recieved a reply from them after mailing the form in? :confused:
  12. mitochondria

    Optimising XP

    ;) Here are a few useful tips I've found in various magazines and websites about optimising Windows XP and some are quite useful... take a look: 1.Assign a Keyboard Shortcut Find the application/shortcut icon of which you will assign a shortcut to. Right click on the icon and under the...
  13. mitochondria

    Been wondering...

    Is it illegal to purchase/sell a OEM software? It follows that: is it an infringement to the EULA if you install such software? Thanks in advance :)
  14. mitochondria

    The Search for Better Health Tips (first edition)

    Umm... sorry about the missing tips, I just finished that night and never came back again :p Anyways, thinking that I should make an edition to the dodgy tip I had here before.. Hopefully the following information are still accurate :) 1. The concept of genes can be confusing for some people...
  15. mitochondria

    Optus - Which word are they asking for?

    Seriously.. I don't know how they manage to became the best ISP in certain years if THEY DON'T INTEND TO HAVE NEW CUSTOMERS? I tried to call them and ask them about the availability of Cable (or ADSL if that's not available) in my area 'cause they have good plans compared to other...
  16. mitochondria

    Sound quality of a burned CD

    According to what I know, that's a "no" to this question because the burned CD inherits all the information from the original CD (or the source) some little changes to the burned CD might occur depending on the software used (e.d. it's different for media player/neor(there are different options...
  17. mitochondria

    More Sub-Forums Mods?

    Umm.. could we have more sub-forums, mods? Like "Hardware", Software", "Internet", "Programming"... etc.? I mean.. only a "Games" sub in the whole blanky IT forum is pretty dodgy (no offence). Also, I think sub-forums would help us to increase the organisation of this particular forum - help...
  18. mitochondria

    Website design: werid phenomenon

    Wonder if anyone of you have encountered this before.. I am working an a website lately. I use the <style>a:hover{color: }</style> tags on my page but for some reason this doesn't apply to certain part of the webpage which contains white hyperlinked text. So I've tried a few things to find out...
  19. mitochondria

    Combined Degree *confused*

    Hi everyone! They offered me Advanced Science and I'm very very very confused with it now.. I talked to people about combined degree @ UNSW during Expo.. and they told me (as the UAC guide did) that I do it during enrollment.. but but.. does anyone know about the nature of a combined degree...
  20. mitochondria

    seems like i'm a bit late... (or early?)

    okay.. even though many of you wouldn't see this, moi wish all of ya all the best with chem! :) and.. just a thought: no Galvini, Volta, Davy and Faraday question in shipwracks ;) so instead of asking about scientists cra*, they probably will ask you the last dot point: the maritime...