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    Raw for band 6?

    Personally, I found it a bit more challenging than last year's paper, since there were some pretty awful questions. I think 80-81 will be cut off for this year??? Thoughts?
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    HSC MATHEMATICS EXTENSION 1, 2014 1) Killed me 2) Hard 3) Okay 4) Easy 5) Piece of cake
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    E4 raw mark??

    What do u think about E4 RAW MARK? I personally found this exam fairly harder than last 2 years, and so i think it will probz be 50/70??? maybe 48? Thoughts???
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    Scaling 2011

    Why did the 2011 maths extension 1 paper scale so bad? Like i looked at the raw marks, and a person who got 62/84 only got 92. Whereas someone who got that in 2009 pretty much got the same mark?? wtf?
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    Prediction's for tomorrow's test??!?!?!?!
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    Challenge/enrich group

    Hey does anyone have any ideas on challenging/enriching a community and/or group In ROMULUS, MY FATHER. i've already talked about Christine challenging community and romulus enriching through his strong work ethic.
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    BELONGING 2014 question

    Hey guys, I'm thinking they could possibly ask "challenge/enrich community/group" Can someone please help me in relating that to Romulus, My Father. The main points i've come up with is that Christine challenges the acceptable standards of behaviour of the time= no belonging and Romulus...
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    MOD B- essay question

    Hey guys, Do you think they will specify a poem/text/speech this year for mod B? For Gwen Harwood do think they could ask "Triste triste" and "Sharpness of death"?
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    Essay prediction?

    Essay question for hardwood?? Predictions? Or prediction for mod b in general?
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    Hsc predictions?

    Essay question for belonging??? Predictions??
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    Cssa 2014

    Cssa 2014 pdhpe.... Any predictions? Or hints from teachers?
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    Anyone got a guess on what this years CSSA belonging paper will be on??
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    Belonging creative help please!

    Hey guys, does anybody have any ideas for a creative that relates to the concept of enriching or challenging a group/community for belonging.
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    Hsc 2013 mathematics

    Any ideas on POSSIBLE questions people may THINK that will appear in this year's 2 unit hsc paper? Good luck to everyone!
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    Biology-- nsw independent paper 2013

    How did people find the biology prelim NSW independent paper? I stuffed up a bit of the aus biota stuff.. :(
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    prelim papers

    Hey guys! just wondering whether any of you may have some past prelim physics papers (yearlys or even half yearlys)... if you do or you have a link to some could you please please post it below.. will help a lot... thanks a lot!!!!
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    Prelim papers

    Hey guys! Just wondering if any of you may have some past prelim yearly papers for pdhpe... if you do, or if you have a link to a website from where i can get it from could you please, please, please post it down below... Thanks a million!!!
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    School assesment mark/moderation/hsc

    I'm a bit confused in regards to how scaling and moderation in hsc actually works. Say if you get a pretty average assesment mark-- 88 And my school is fairly smart (not james ruse smart) but then you get a pretty good hsc mark (NOT RAW MARK), HSC MARK-- 94 What will be my overall mark...
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    Trial Maths enterprises

    Hey, has anyone done any "trialmaths enterprises" (Sharon Kennedy) exams from the book.. How are you finding it? Share your thoughts... I found the 2007 a bit difficult.
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    Maths 2 unit... working out final HSC mark

    Hey guys... from these stats what do u think would be my overall mark/ my final mark i get for 2 unit maths: 1. My percentage in school: 86% 2. My school rank: 7/33 3. My school rank: around 120th 4. Also, my estimated mark in actual HSC exam (RAW MARK): 91-92/ 100 I know every...