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    AFIN310 and AFIN329

    Hi all, For those who have done afin310 and/or afin329, how did you find it? i have heard in particular that since afin310 is offered as a seminar, with no tutorials, that the content is quite difficult to grasp. Is it generally notorious for being extremely difficult? It seems to be one of...
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    Tutorial & Lecture Clashes: Help!

    Hi there, I apologise first for my possible ignorance and for not looking hard enough in past posts, but I just want to know whether I can still enrol into certain tutorials and lectures even though they clash with one another? I understand the onus will be on me to ensure that I keep up...
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    LEX101 and LEX102~ Thoughts

    Hi guys, I'm considering doing one of these subjects and interested if anyone has done them (or one of them) and is able to provide their own personal views and experiences with them in terms of difficulty and workload. I'm not sure if you are able to do both, but if anyone has, would you...
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    Change in degree structure/required units- 2014 handbook

    Hi guys, Sorry for my ignorance, but I'm wondering how a change in degree structure/a change in required units in my degree for 2014 will affect me. For example in line of the recent changes to the law degree structure for 2014 (some lvl 300 units now being lvl 200 units/ changes in the...
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    Does law get any better?

    I know, very subjective question, but I just want to get individual thoughts here: does law get any better? I know many of people who did not do so well in contracts law204 this semester (I myself could have done better). I've also heard from past students that the compulsory subjects one has...
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    LAW UNITS- 2nd year

    Hey people, I hope your exams have been good! In preparation for next semester/future semesters, can any law students in particular tell me what to expect with LAW203 and LAW214? In terms of 1. Assessment Structure 2. does it include more hypothetical scenarios OR essay type...
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    LAW Students: subject thoughts/opinions?

    Hi guys, I may be getting way over myself here considering I haven't even finished first year, however I'm curious in knowing perspectives on the workload and difficulty of second year law subjects, namely: contracts, jurisprudence, torts and; law, lawyers and society. Thanks!
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    ACCG100- Is it really difficult?

    Hi people, For those who have done ACCG100, is it really that difficult? I know really smart people who have gotten HDs in all their subjects but have failed to get one in Accounting. In saying that, they are the type who actually do study and keep on top with their work. That's the main...
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    Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor Economics: Job Opportunities?

    Hey guys, I just want to know what kind of job opportunities there are for a graduate of a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Economics double degree. I am more inclined to pursue a career within the Economics sphere but do not want to be specifically an economist. I somewhat had the impression...
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    Do I have to finish ALL my foundation units in FIRST YEAR?~

    Hi, I'm doing a double degree in Comm/Law and I have foundation units for both degrees. Essentially I'm doing them in first year. I'm also doing some 100lvl subjects of my Comm major in my first year like STAT170 (finished). And may take a people and planet unit (which the university recommends...
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    ~Law Students~ [question]

    Hi guys, I'm having to decide what tute I want to enrol in for my upcomming law subject. Basically, I just want to know your experiences and feedback with your law tutors. I'm tossing up with George, Catherine Greentree and Shireen Daft as my tutors next sem. I want to know which tutor would...
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    Has anyone had conflicting subjects in their timetable?

    Hi guys, My preferred timetable for sem 2 might have a conflicting tute and lecture. Essentially, I plan to attend the first half of the lecture and go to my tute after. I will then catch up with the lecture on ilearn. I was wondering if this is permissible. Am I allowed to have my timetable...
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    ~Sem 1 2012 Results~

    Hey Guys, Well many uni's have their own threads, so I decided to make one for Mac. I hope everyone is pleased and/or fine with their first semester results! And that your efforts are reflected in it (of course if it was higher, then there should be no complains :P). Post your...
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    General Transfer Questions (in relation to UAC)

    Hi Guys, I'm interested in transferring universities by the start of next year. Essentially, I want to know a few things: 1. How do the other universities/UAC (i have no idea which one), receive our GPA? Would we have to provide that in our UAC application by actually typing it in/attaching...
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    External transfer USYD Commerce/Law

    Hey guys, I am doing a combined law/commerce degree, and may consider trasnferring to USYD law/commerce next year (after 1 year of uni). Basically, the issue for me, is whether my commerce units will be credited to my commerce degree in USYD. This is because on USYD's business school website...
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    EXTERNAL law transfer UNSW

    Hi guys, I'm studying a combined law degree and want to study law in UNSW next year (after my first yr of uni). I know that UNSW has implemented an INTERNAL law transfer program as of 2013, giving the opportunity for a minimum of 100 UNSW students to transfer into Law, permitted they have met...
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    Scaling and Ranking in Subjects

    Hey guys, out of curiousity, i have some questions in relation to the grading in Macquarie University. First, does our SNG (final unit mark) get affected by our ranking/percentile in relation to the rest of the unit cohort? OR This leads me to my second question which is: does scaling apply...
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    ACCG100 or ACCG106?

    hey guys, I need to choose either ACCG100 or ACCG106. I've read both unit outlines but can't comprehend any of the terminology being used, let alone deduce what exactly is best for me. Overall I'm looking for the unit that is 'supposedly' the least mathematically based unit, or for me, the...
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    GPA Question!

    Hey guys! I actually have two questions in relation to GPAs at Mac, 1. If you are doing a double degree, do you have 2 separate GPAs or 1 overall GPA for both degrees? 2. If the answer to question 1 is 2 GPAs...then what GPA will the "People and Planet Units" be counted towards? Thanks guys :)
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    GPA Distinction Questions

    Hey guys, I was just wondering: 1. If we really did get say '75' for each of our subjects this year, which relates to a 'Distinction Average', does that mean our GPA will be a perfect 4.00? 2. If we got '85' relating to a 'High Distinction Average' in every subject, would our GPA be a perfect...