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  1. i_like_black

    What HSC marks did you get?

    English (Advanced): 74 Mathematics : 78 Biology : 87 Chemistry : 78 Music 1 : 81 Food Technology : 76 = UAI 77.50
  2. i_like_black

    What UAI did you get?

    Uai:77.50 Sam: 76.35
  3. i_like_black

    Nelsons Bay

    just got back from nelson bay, left last sunday. far out, the sun couldn't shine for one freaken day could it? i partied with who some of you may know as 'the scone boys' haha. yeah poo on mother nature for the weather, other than that had a pretty relaxed fun time.
  4. i_like_black

    How many students do 4 unit ?

    hehe no one has done 4u at my school for at least 3 years. i intended to at the end of yr 10 but yeah that didn't work out. my school only has ~400 kids, at my bf's school he had 3 people doing 4u at a school of ~500
  5. i_like_black

    Food Technology - general thoughts

    wish i had liked food tech enough to study, it was a really good exam i thought, pretty straight forward and easy.
  6. i_like_black

    What do you think you got?

    how does everyone think they went???
  7. i_like_black

    mulitple choice

    yay i think i did well, i had: 1. a 2. b 3. d 4. a 5. d (genetic engineering isn't mechanisation) 6. c 7. d 8. b 9. b (marketing includes distribution) 10. b
  8. i_like_black

    What are you currently Reading?

    Collapse, how societies choose to fail or survive by Jared Diamond. quite interesting, im only half way through and some bits are a little uninteresting but i think the last half of the book about modern societies will be better. good stuff.
  9. i_like_black

    Trial Results

    yeah i really don't like food tech and got a neat 50% without studying, highest in my class of 5 was 99%, i think the lowest was 40 something. yeah ours was the catholic.
  10. i_like_black

    choosing between unis...

    good stuff. is that a double degree you're doing?
  11. i_like_black

    choosing between unis...

    Any of you uni kiddies have the problem of deciding which uni to go to after you got your offers? or did you know which you wanted before hand, if so was that because you went to all the open days and info days etc. ? I'm wondering as all my preferences are in sydney and I'm about equally...
  12. i_like_black

    where does Med sci REALLY lead u to?

    sounds very cool, I'm so excited about doing BSc in microbiology (hopefully of course), but I hadn't heard what it's like from anyone who's doing it, so yeah woo hoo, glad you're entusiastic!
  13. i_like_black

    multiple choice...WTF?

    exactly, i had that with the same reasoning, i think there're no doubt it's A or D, i went with the limestone making it more basic. so yeah. my vote goes to D
  14. i_like_black

    Music 1 Aural Thoughts

    lol that's really funny, my supervisors were also tapping their feet to hot dog...they could have picked a better led zeppelin song, my god.
  15. i_like_black


    yeah that was a bit of a scabby question. capture-marking-recapture was the only name i could think of, but thought it would be inappropriate seeing they're grasshoppers, how the hell do u mark them etc...? yeah so i described the quadrat, transect thing but i forgot that it was called that...
  16. i_like_black

    chromosomes question

    i had all the same as that. yay. yeah i remembered transcription and translation, as i lost a mark in my trial for not including those words in a diagram of polypeptide synthesis. tough marking criteria. anyway.
  17. i_like_black

    Multiple Choice Answers

    i was tossing up between b) and d) but i figured that in the diagram u don't see salt ions on either side of the membrane, that's how i justified my answer anyhoo. yeah i also was unsure of 13, i knew how big red blood cells were, but not white so i said, but i now think that is wrong. but other...
  18. i_like_black

    How did everyone go?

    pretty good exam overall. multi choice was good, lost a few marks here and there, but hopefully getting in the 80s.
  19. i_like_black

    absence of exponential growth and decay

    anyone else notice this? a little unusual i thought.
  20. i_like_black

    Frontline - help with question

    The 2003 HSC question for Frontline is what I'm finding difficult. "Truth is not Simple" kinda goes against everything that Frontline represents, I thought. The only things i can think to write about is the fact that editing takes time and effort, otherwise truth seems more simple. Maybe I'm...