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    It's true Nth rank gets the Nth exam mark, provided...

    To help make it simpler for those simple-minded: despite all the complex maths & helpful explanations on BoS the answer is YES, subject to a condition. If your cohort is large enough such that the mark gaps between adjacent ranks (both school and exam) are no more than 1-2 marks, it is good...
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    Simple way to understand how cohort affects your mark

    We all know that BOSTES uses Quadratic Interpolation to moderate your school mark, but it's difficult to visualise how it works. A simple way to approx is like this: Your Internal mark's relative position in between the top & bottom Internal marks determines your Assessment mark in between the...
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    Please help explain...

    Got my WACE results a few days ago, happy with my ATAR but this kinda bugs me. Hope someone can help explain. For Math Specialist 3C/3D (equiv to NSW 3U/4U) : School mark 90 - Exam mark 92 - Combined into WACE big fat mark of... 84.1 !! Does that mean my school cohort helped drag my 90...
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    Monash MBBS English requirement

    The Monash website says to be considered for MBBS "you will need to have a high study score of at least 30 (out of a score of 50) in English". Obviously this score is in the VCE system. What is the equivalent for interstate applicants, for example WA is it simply 60+% in English? Thanks
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    ATAR+UMAT for UNSW Med Interview

    For standard applicants this method gives a good indication of your chance for an interview with UNSW Med. First, based roughly on UAC's table A9 equate your predicted ATAR to an Average Mark AvM as follows: ATAR => AvM 99.95 => 96...
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    Number of students per ATAR rank?

    Hi, where can I find reliable info the number of students in each 0.05 ATAR group? (either 2013 or 2014, either NSW or VIC or WA will do). Thanks