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  1. britaker

    ATAR 99.35 - English Advanced 96/100 - English Extension I 49/50 - NOTES FOR SALE

    Hello again BoS, I completed my Higher School Certificate in 2014, achieving the following results; English Advanced: 96/100 English Extension I: 49/50 English Extension II: 46/50 Mathematics: 95/100 Mathematics Extension I: 43/50 Chemistry: 92/100 Biology: 93/100 I received an ATAR of 99.35...
  2. britaker

    ATAR estimate - with HSC marks

    Hello again everyone, I thought I'd ask the esteemed ranks of BoS ATAR estimators for an ATAR estimate along with most of the calculators. :D Here are my HSC marks: English Advanced: 96/100 English Extension 1: 49/50 English Extension 2: 46/50 Biology: 93/100 Chemistry: 92/100...
  3. britaker

    3U not counting despite scaling? (Curiosity killed this cat)

    Hello everyone, Er, without any better way of asking, how badly can one do at 3U and have it still count? I've done the majority of my subjects (last one is English Extension I on Thursday) and genuinely feel like I failed extension maths so badly it won't count. Yet I've been told by pretty...
  4. britaker

    What kind of mark would I need in the HSC exam to scrape a B6 for chem?

    My teacher showed the class this document containing our trial marks, and the HSC marks obtained by last year's cohort with around the same marks -- mine (77%) ended up being around a 89.1 HSC mark. My school doesn't traditionally do *that* well at chemistry; anywhere from 8-12 people each...
  5. britaker

    B. Law & B. Information Technology - Y/N??

    Okay so this may sound like a long bow, but what's the general opinion on combining I.T. and law? I'm thinking of studying at ANU or Uni Adelaide; the subjects I do this year are - MX1 - Mathematics - English Advanced - EE1 - EE2 - Biology - Chemistry The ATAR cutoff shouldn't be a...
  6. britaker

    How does one go about re-learning Y11 work for trials?

    Honest question; I've been reading over my notes but kind of have no idea how I'll re-learn it all given I have to study for all my other subjects as well. Maths, y u so difficult??
  7. britaker

    Is your 'best' subject your favourite subject? Why/why not?

    My favourite subject I have to say would be advanced English, though my best subject would be EE2. Actually the only reason I choose EE2 is due to rankings - in terms of marks lost Advanced would definitely be my best subject. idk I personally believe the only reason that English is my...
  8. britaker

    ATAR estimate please! >90 or nah?

    School rank: low 180s General math =1st/maybe 60-70 English Advanced: 3rd/30-40 Music II: =1st/7 Business Studies: 4th/80-90 Economics: 5th/40-50 RE: cohort size estimates are given sorry for the vagueness; this is for a friend. Cheers! :)
  9. britaker

    ATAR estimate; >95 or nah?

    I've listed the ranks I know as of yet and the percentage of B6/E4s achieved at my school last year (ranked in the top 10). If anyone could be kind enough to please post an estimate :) Mathematics: 19/63 41% B6 in 2013 Ext I Mathematics: 21/37 50% E4 in 2013 Adv English: 1/146 58.5%...
  10. britaker

    *cries* So I think I failed the MX1 half yearly

    Hello there. So I sat the MX1 paper yesterday and uh, it didn't go so well. Obviously I haven't got any marks back yet though I'm genuinely convinced I failed. Paper was out of 50 and I couldn't do close to a quarter of it...obviously I put down stuff in the vain hope of "please give me one...
  11. britaker

    Noooooo! D:

    Setting: In one of the English classrooms, sometime during midafternoon on Friday the 15th November, 2013 > learns that teacher for Music II is going on long term service leave and won't be teaching Y12 music II next year > learns that the preferred teacher I had for years 7-10 will be...
  12. britaker

    Should I regret my subject choices?

    Greetings everyone. Keeping it brief, for Y11 the subjects I did were Maths 2U and Ext I English Adv. and Ext I Biology Chemistry Music II I also recently (about 1.5 weeks ago) received back my Y11 report which presented the following marks (we don't get given our ranks; only the...