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    WAM to ATAR conversion ?

    which course is this for?
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    UNSW medicine entry question

    if my atar was 94 wat uni results would i need to make the cut... all HDs in uni? Also if I was to get rlly high HDs would that increase your chances or is their selection based on how many HDs you get
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    Engineering to Psychology or Biotecnology?

    wat are the possibilites of changing courses from engineering at unsw (civil with environmental) to medicine at unsw
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    e4 cut-off?

    lol idk like 97-98, definitely higher than 96
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    BoS Maths Trials 2017

    when will solutions be up??
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    BoS Maths Trials 2017

    if we dont come for the exam will we get a pdf of the papers??
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    2014 Raw (to Aligned) Marks Database (for 15 popular subjects)

    this is lit fam vape naysh yall
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    How hard is 90+ atar!

    lol u got straight As and youre only going for 90+? Dude ull get at least 98 lol
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    Umat past papers.

    I know I'm asking like 5 yrs later but if anyone had umat past papers pls email them to
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    UMAT past papers!

    where did you get that many papers from lol? I know its a while back for you but is it possible if you could post some up here?