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    ATAR results/reveal thread

    I know its too early to make this thread, but hey there was a forum for it.... 10 days to go!!!
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    Honours year and how does that work in a double degree structure?

    ^^^ for eg: if I were to take engineering and computer science, where the BE part has an honours component, how would it be integrated through the 5 years duration?
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    How does scaling work?

    ngl while I know the difficulty of the subject plays a primary role in how a subject scales, what is the general overview on how UAC determines how a subject scales for that year?
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    SRS offer

    Will the SRS offer (from Macquarie) lapse soon if I do not accept it?
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    Importance of grinding in high school vs University

    I am just curious how my "academic" life will turn out to be in University. Is it like High school? Or is it more chill/stressful? Thanks!
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    Can a pencil be used to draw chemical structures?

    ^^^^^ Just for safety!!!
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    Is Rawmarks database reliable?

    just out of curiosity how reliable is raw marks database?
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    Chemistry predictions

    - Its time for the sciences :cool:
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    Generic writing booklets

    Are all the extra writing booklets for the hsc, the same for all subjects, since it asks us to write the examination subject on every one of them? I am trying to figure out if I wrote the question number I answered for English, cos i remember taking an extra booklet. If there was a box for the q...
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    Forgetting to tick the writing booklet...

    I realised that I forgot to tick the extra writing booklet for paper 2 English, but the supervisor signed me off on the fact that I used extra writing booklets in the blue form they gave. It's just that I forgot to tick that I used extra booklets on the actual writing booklet. Am I screwed?
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    In between exams

    With paper 2 English finishing tomorrow, my next exam is on the 20th oct. Obviously the revision is still on. But how intense should the study be esp since I have heard some ppl who aced the hscs state they actually took a day off? I just want my mindset to be fresh and avoid burnout, which was...
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    Mod C stimulus clarification

    When an extract is given, and the instructions state "Use this line as a stimulus for the opening of an imaginative, discursive or persuasive piece of writing that explores the concept of dreams" we must continue with the lines right (as in the introduction or the starting of our...
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    Writing over the given lines/spacing?

    How much is permissible to write over the given spacing? Like can we write beyond the point it says "End of question 32.. etc". I know we cannot write beyond the borders, but what other limits are there?
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    1984 quote technique confirmation

    "Ruggedly handsome" --> an oxymoron right?
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    Module C time spent

    Is it advisable to spend less time on module C, than the other modules (about 35 mins)... since this is the section, I believe I can perform well even under shortened time constraints!
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    Does the aggregate to achieve a certain ATAR, increase every year?

    ^^^^ will the overall scaled mark out of 500 for the subjects that count to your atar increase every year? What have the general patterns been like?
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    Just curious: for those who have applied via SRS, do we change our course preferences through the application preference section?

    ^^^^ Thanks! Also how do we know wut courses are available for srs... Also is the actuarial studies program at macquarie avaible through SRS
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    1984 quote technique

    What technique would you guys use for this one: " The party was trying to kill the sex instinct, or, if it could not be killed, then to distort it and dirty it" Thanks!