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  1. fishbulb

    Post paper please?

    Can someone kindly post the paper online? Thanks
  2. fishbulb

    Can i do physics (Fundamentals) in the 2nd year?

    I'm doing Science (Advanced), i just wanna know if you're allowed to do Junior PHYS1002 in the 2nd year or 3rd semester. Thanks
  3. fishbulb

    2008 HSC Maths Scaling Stats

    Just something to ponder on....
  4. fishbulb

    What do you think was the E4 cutoff for Maths Ext 2??

    Just post your estimate mark and your HSC exam mark. Then we can predict it based on your estimates. My estimate: 74/120 Aligned Exam Mark: 88/100
  5. fishbulb

    Anyone getting their exam papers back from bos?

    Anyone getting their exam papers back from bos?
  6. fishbulb

    Share your 2008 HSC results

    Share your 2008 HSC results. I got 91/100 91/100 91 Band 6 (Exam mark, Asses, HSC) I estimated about 90/100 raw in the test.
  7. fishbulb

    Is Multiple Choice marked by computer?

    Because i changed 3-4 of my multiple choice answers by placing the X on it and selecting a new one. I hope the computer doesn't stuff up and mark it wrong.
  8. fishbulb

    Multiple Choice?

    I got: 1)A 2)B 3)D 4)A 5)B 6)C 7)D 8)A 9)C 10)C 11)D 12)C 13)A 14)C 15)D 16)B 17)B 18)A 19)C 20)B
  9. fishbulb

    Band 6 cutoff?

    What do you think the band 6 cutoff will be this year?
  10. fishbulb

    Ext 1 Half yearly question

    Prove that: Cos2a = (1-tan^2a)/(1+tan^2a) This was my proof, tell me if its ok please. t = tan(a/2) Cosa = (1-t^2)/(1+t^2) but a = 2a therefore cos2a = (1-tan^2a)/(1+tan^2a) as t = tan(2a/2) = tan(a) Thanks
  11. fishbulb

    Need help with the "use of indicators"

    I'm doing this assignment and i need information on: - Detailed use of indicators around the home - The use of indicators in a variety of named industries.