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    Fail or what?? Engineering USYD

    i failed Engineering Computing in Semester 1 2014. I got 45. What happens.. because I don't know if I have to repeat it or is it not-compulsory to be repeated?? Thanks guys
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    What to do when you come home after uni apart from studying and work

    what do ppl do before/after uni apart from study and work. i dont have many friends at uni and my high school friends have moved separate paths so im kinda stuck..
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    Post - high school depression

    why is life so serious after highschool and every1 is focused on studies work over having a bit of fun. i dont have friends at uni and am feeling sick of pretending someone im not. i love to have fun but every1 around me is serious all the time, and i pretend to be serious too just to fit in...
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    what happens if you fail a first semester subject

    i failed a first semester subject in engineering which was computing @USYD i got 45 and a fail so what happens?
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    Commerce/Law degree

    what do most people with a commerce law degree work as after they graduate -> law or the commerce side? and if so, how much is a typical salary for a person with at least 10 years experience in that particular field.
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    18 Y.O. and NO JOB!!!

    am i too old for a job, beacuse so far i have applied literally to a thousand positions not even 1 reply or phonecall, i made sure my resume looks great.. im so pissed of been applying every day since January this year.. need a good part time job where i need at least 20 bucks an hour.
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    Please help :/

    i hate the uni life too so dw theres many people in the same boat :( im at usyd btw
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    The missing Malaysian Airlines...

    the plane was hijacked, the terrorists are malaysian islamists, they used a shoebomb to infiltrate the cockpit, they have held hostage everyone on board - (a large number of terrorists possibly), they are trained aviators and have planned this attack for a very very long time, they maybe keeping...
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    The missing Malaysian Airlines...

    Where the flying fuck is mh370!! now this is getting to a point where i am so frustrated that they still haven't found the flipping airbus. fuck the terrorists.