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    Roll Call: Class of 2014

    Hey Guys! I'm Emma Black Currently at school im studying: Chemistry, PDHPE, Adv. Maths, Adv. English and Information Technology! I'm in the middle of my HSC trials at the moment, so wish me luck! :headbang:
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    FREE notes! 'Belonging: HSC Marker's Tips'!

    yes please! greatly Appreciated if they are still availble :)
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    Related Texts for Denise Levertov Poetry

    I have chosen Animal Farm by George Orwell, i have read it before and analysed it. Do you believe this is a good choice?
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    Related Texts for Denise Levertov Poetry

    Hi, i'm having trouble trying to find a relating text/film for Denise Levertov's poetry, relating to History & Memory. Any suggestions would be appreciated as the trial exam is in 3 days! :bomb: -Thanks :inlove: