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    Mod C Tips?

    ^^^ Anything please. I open the paper and my mind is BLANK. I'm fine with reflections, but coming up with an idea on the spot is really hard. On the verge of a mental breakdown for this module haha.
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    Research Methods - Literature Review?

    Hey guys! Quick question. Is a literature review generally considered a primary or secondary research method? I was under the impression that a literature review is primary if you are the author that has interpreted and compiled the existing secondary research, and a literature review is...
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    English Trials/HSC Help!

    Hi everyone! So I am really struggling with English Advanced at the moment. It feels like no matter how much I sit down and practice, watch youtube/edrolo videos, peer mark, or get feedback from my teacher, my marks never seem to improve and they've been pretty stagnant all year (and for my...
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    Advice on teacher's marking (CAFS)!

    Hi everyone! This is my first post on BoS, so hopefully it reaches the right people. :) I'm currently a Year 12 (HSC 2022) student, and one of the courses I have chosen to undertake is Community and Family Studies, or CAFS. Recently, we completed the T1 assessment on Research Methodologies...