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    Exam Paper

    Can you upload the short answer questions, please?
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    Best wishes for 4u tomorrow

    Best of luck everyone! :)
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    Complex Numbers Topic Test

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    geometrical applications of calculus

    Since f'(2)=0, there is a stationary point when x=2. Since f'(x)>0 for x<2, the gradient is positive for any x-value less than 2 (so that it slopes to the right). Since f'(x)<0 when x>2, the gradient is negative for any x-value greater than 2 (so that is slopes to the left). Sketching this...
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    Good Luck Class of 2012 :)

    Goodluck everyone! :)
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    Experienced & Affordable ENG ADV (96) tutoring | Attached is my technique list

    Re: Tutor for Eng adv(96), math2u (97) Rate? Can you teach at Liverpool Library?
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    how do i differentiate the following, simple!

    You can use the quotient rule. y'= (u'v - uv')/ v^2 Therefore, y'= 0(x-3) - 1(5) / (x-3)^2 ∆ y'= -5/(x-3)^2
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    Roll Call: Class of 2013

    Anwar English Advanced Chemistry Physics MX1 MX2 (I hope so) Legal Studies SOR1 :)
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    Dealing with procrastination

    Thanks guys :)
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    Dealing with procrastination

    How do you guys manage procrastination? Any tips?
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    ATAR Estimate

    Well done on your excellent marks and ranks. Keep up the good work for externals and you should be up there. What do you wanna do at uni?