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    Help, employer ignoring me? Casuals should be higher than that, depending on the role. Not worth it as you mentioned she doesn't answer your questions. She should be able (or refer to someone) to answer those questions you asked her. Payrises dont...
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    2011 Semester 1 timetables

    In my last semester ever: Tuesday and Wednesday! -> only 2 days a week! GENL1063 - Terror and Religion PSYC1001 - Psychology 1A ARTS2633 - Cultural Survey Of Japan [I deferred this subject last year, and so i have to do it this year].
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    TIPS for getting ur first job for HSC finishers!!!

    I didn't start my first job (it was only xmas) in first year... i guess just go for anything that comes, then you can stay in company for 6 months then quit.
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    Courses available on Blackboard.

    only math1041 is already up on blackboard for me atm..
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    Semester One Results/Predictions

    ======================================================== T1 GENT1521 Human Variation and Education....58 PS T1 MGMT2721 Managing People..................71 CR T1A SESC3620 Occupational Disease &Injuries...58 PS ======================================================== Term...
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    Post your s2 2010 timetables here!!

    Tuesday and Wednesdays Full days, Thursday is my easy day
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    ITT: FML I hate uni.

    my last exam tomorrow! am already over the official exam period since last week...
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    Semester 2 Textlists out!

    no need to buy textbooks for next semester (i got my math1041 textbook from some one already :D )..... but i know i need to buy math1041 course notes and maybe BIOT3081 course notes (if it is required :D )
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    The UNSW Textbook Buy/Sell Thread

    Selling 'Organisational Behaviour' 5th edition by Robbins. Required for MGMT1002 (new person in charge, hence the book change). I did MGMT2721 = MGMT1002... PM me
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    Cotton On clothing

    Adding onto the rant, and by agreeing with Barney and family22, do NOT ever work for them! I was only there for xmas time and my second shift was cut in half....
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    ITT: FML I hate uni.

    while im on bos / fbing whern i should be studying for nxt thrusdays exam...weekend oh dear...
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    Post your s2 2010 timetables here!!

    Just had a look at that timetable and am doing ARTS1691 as my gen ed :)
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    UNSW Subject Reviews.

    BIOT3081 - anyone has done that course??
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    Do You Wear Glasses?

    At the gym, uni and or social outings i wear contacts.. Times outside that..i wear glasses
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    So how many days do you spend in uni per week?

    Some subjects offered by distance learning... i do safety and a lot of my subs were offered by distance ..except next semester, a core course is offered in class only to us undergraduates...hence i have 6-9pm class on tuesdays
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    So how many days do you spend in uni per week?

    Semester 1 '10- Was 3 days until about week 9, then it was 2 days.. Semester 2 '10 - 3 days (i finish at 9pm on Tuesdays [i start at 11 or 12, but have a huge gap in between], then i have a 9am start on Wednesdays >.<''')... The best was 2 days a week in semester 2 2009!!!!!:rofl::rofl...
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    UNSW Subject Reviews.

    Oh btw, if you are looking for a level 3 elective and want to look into Risk and Safety sciences subjects, next semester is the LAST opportunity to do it -:cry::cry: Subjects offered (for the last time ever.. :cry:) SAFE6201 - Safety risk management SESC6801 - Toxicology SESC6031 - Safety...
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    UNSW Subject Reviews.

    Some first year courses that i have done (although some of these have been covered already) CHEM1011 - If you have done HSC chemistry then the first half of the lectures should be straight forward (as they cover moles and calculations..stuff in prelim chemistry), however the organic part gets...
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    i read your comment regarding my reviews on UNSW subjects review post :)...anyways more with my...

    i read your comment regarding my reviews on UNSW subjects review post :)...anyways more with my safety science news...i met up with another safety science friend and eventually one of the core courses tht she was meant to take next semester is discontinued [SESC3601]....yeah and she was telling...
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    UNSW Subject Reviews.

    Oh why thank you!!!..:shy:...anyways, ill post up on 'SAFE6201' next semester and the other subjects (BIOT3081, ARTS1691, MATH1041)...