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  1. carrotsss

    2023 HSC chat

    Yeah my old timetable was perfect because I had 2 study periods pretty much every day, idk why they had to change it so much 😭
  2. carrotsss

    2023 HSC chat

    Help I just got my new timetable and I have a day with 5 study periods and only 1 actual period 😭
  3. carrotsss

    How often should I revise

    Past paper questions
  4. carrotsss

    Legal Assessment... R v. Gonzales & R V. Sorrell

    The post is almost 20 years old 😭
  5. carrotsss

    Why does nobody talk about ANU?

    Tons of people out here in rural NSW go to ANU and most of the people on this forum are from sydney
  6. carrotsss

    Am I still burnt out?

    Dude you’re in year 10, try to chill out a bit, you don’t need to be studying so much every day in the holidays. If I were you I’d take a decent break, there’s no use wearing down your mental health over such an inconsequential year.
  7. carrotsss

    best school for maths?

    You can’t, I’m guessing someone told them
  8. carrotsss

    best school for maths?

    From what I’ve heard they only allow people to do a subject if they’re confident they’ll get a band 6/e4, so they force a bunch of kids to do standard
  9. carrotsss

    2023 HSC chat

    Just plain old retail, whenever I get a pay check near/above $1000 a bit gets taken for tax which I’ll have to get back in my tax return Above minimum wage 😎
  10. carrotsss

    Is it worth doing english ext?

    I have a friend who does both and she’s found it pretty stressful, but it’s definitely possible
  11. carrotsss

    2023 HSC chat

    I already have to pay taxes and I’m 16 😭
  12. carrotsss

    i got a 99.95 - ask me stuff :)

    Did you learn ahead of your class and if so, by how much?
  13. carrotsss

    commerce as an elective

    At my school everyone loved it in year 9 and hated it in year 10
  14. carrotsss

    affordable english tutor
  15. carrotsss

    2023 HSC chat

    Damn that never really dawned on me, we only have like 5% of our schooling journey left 🤯
  16. carrotsss

    Selling my BiO NoTEs

    Absolute bargain
  17. carrotsss

    Back to school voucher

    You can use it in $50 chunks
  18. carrotsss

    do i need chem for med

    Damn I didn’t realise last years one was already out
  19. carrotsss

    do i need chem for med

    In 2021 the maximum ATAR for mathematics standard 2 was 99.95