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    Semester 2 Chatter Thread 2014.

    2 exams on Monday, 1 exam on Wednesday, 2 exams on Thursday. At least I finish early? :(
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    Fail or what?? Engineering USYD

    Just a question. If you fail and repeat a unit, will both attempts be used in the calculation of your gpa?
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    How are CSSA trials marked?

    The papers are marked by the school using a marking criteria given by CSSA.
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    No UMAT for Medical Science?

    In general, courses which require additional selection criteria (such as the UMAT) including your ATAR, are listed as N/A.
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    Access Cards

    It worked fine for me. Did you click on how many years you want it for (where it says 1, 3 and 5)? For some reason, even if you don't select any, it still directs you to the cart.
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    USYD Roll Call 2014

    B Engineering (Biomedical)/B Medical Science (I)
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    Downloading notes off Bored of Studies

    You can use it as an alternative source of information when writing your own notes.
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    CHEM1001 or CHEM1101?

    I think he means CHEM1101.
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    late round offer question

    I'm not sure if you can delete it. But all preferences before the course you were offered will be considered. So if you were to rearrange your preferences so that the one you were offered is last, all your previous offers will be considered.
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    Should I pursue law?

    I agree. Despite having not studied law I think as long as you've got the motivation to work hard, you can excel in any course. Besides, look at what you've achieved already. Great job!
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    Post Your 2014 University Offers Here

    Ahh looks like they moved it here:
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    Post Your 2014 University Offers Here

    Why did I refresh :(
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    Raw Marks Thread

    You have to pay an extra $5.75 to get the raw marks.
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    Physics, chemistry and biology together.

    I think the concepts in Chemistry are generally harder to grasp than in Physics and Biology. Despite this, the sheer quantity of content in Biology will probably compensate for this. I found Physics to be somewhere in the middle.
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    Physics, chemistry and biology together.

    I've done the three sciences. You'll be fine as long as you study consistently and allocate enough of your time to each subject.
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    Advanced Mathematics.

    Demand for the course.
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    Advanced Mathematics.

    +1 As long as you got an E4 in EXT 2, I think you have a pretty good chance of getting accepted.
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    Offers deadline

    Can anyone clarify?
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    Offers deadline

    On the website it says "Change your preferences for the Main Round by midnight on Sat 4 Jan." Wouldn't that mean tomorrow? Yeah now I'm confused.
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    Offers deadline

    Midnight on Saturday.