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    Is doing 3 sciences hard for year 12?

    I only did two sciences in years 11 and 12, but I knew three people who did all of them. Two people did accelerated chem in year 11 and only did bio and physics in year 12. The other started with all three sciences but dropped biology in year 12. They all said it would be immense work to do well...
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    Great decision. You need these types of breaks, which will benefit you in the long run.
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    Looking for biology past papers.....

    Pm me i can give you some
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    I really regret not going to a smarter school

    30-45 is a decent ranking. It actually plays in your favour because I assume you have great internal rankings.
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    Physics Past Papers

    Pm me
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    Does anyone have trial papers for biology?

    pm me I have access to many papers.
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    Biology Trial Papers

    Yo can I get them as well?
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    Good resource, however for me the videos are a bit too long
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    Biology Marathon

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    Biology Marathon

    This thread seems extremely useful, can we do one for chemistry?
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    what is happening with trials/alternative task 4 at your school?

    you guys think any chance of trials being online?
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    Selling HSC Notes

    hey, how much for the summary table of quotes and analysis for 1984, 1984 essay, Father and Child - annotated poem, creative (imaginative) and reflection?
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    Early Entry

    Hey guys, since were in lockdown my plans for volunteering in the holidays were ruined. I need some online volunteering opportunities that I can use for my Macquarie leaders and achievers application. Anyone got any suggestions of online volunteering they have done themselves or have seen around??
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    Legal studies crime essay predictions 2020?

    So how'd you guys go??
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    biology assignment

    Yea it looks good
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    biology assignment

    I'll give it a try
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    what is the best way to study for bio?

    Which section do you need answers for?