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    Chemistry of art anyone?

    wow wow i can't believe this, after 2 years someone replied my message again ^^ well for all u 2004 HSC ppk doing chem of art, good luck! Uni is so fun hohoho :P
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    Biology overrrrrrrrrrr

    that crossover question is screwed
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    hey i think liet is right~~ think of it as longitude and latitude... longitude is top to bottom and transverse is left to right (ie horizontal) I did this question 3 times now!! one in yr 11 yearly, one in year 12 half yearly and one in the trial. I got them all wrong, but this time i'm...
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    TOOO much time!

    3hr is cool me take 2:45 hr to don the whole paper~~ and then just sit there ready for the call which signifies my end of HSC... Forever~~ :cool:
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    How Easy Was It

    i actually think this exam isn't that easy... the question is really opened there's really a lot to talk about, regarding the space given its almost not possible to get those 7 mark questions without asking for another booklet...
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    biopolymer question

    PHA PHB all the way~~
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    Chemistry of art

    i studied all the other tests like winkler, sulfate, nitrate, phosphate u name it.. but not permanganate :chainsaw: but it was good i think... at least that's the question that's gonna separate those real good ppl :cool: no more exam now... FREEDOM!!!! :D :D :D
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    Q2 - who didn't relate to Q1?

    i think i have my case closed... take a look at all the interpretations.. the question is so UNCLEAR!!! :chainsaw:
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    HGP - recombinant DNA

    I dun think it can... don't they find out the sequence of amino acid of specific gene, working backward to find the complementary mRNA strand (with radioactive primer), untwist the DNA strand by heating and determine where a gene is through DNA hybridisation put under autoradiography... that's...
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    Biolergi predictions

    wtf does the question mean?
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    So how'd everyone go ?!?!

    so true.. what is done is done... we can't do anything now might as well look towards the future~~ 21 dayz to go!! yahoooooooooo~~~~~~~~~~~:cool:
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    Q2 - who didn't relate to Q1?

    ME!!!!! freaking i'm so so so so annoyed now... the question is not a hard one, just need to write a letter! I swear if the question specifically stated that "REFER to QUESTION 1" instead of the blunt {Text 1} {Text 2} i would have answer the question well!!! If they deduct lots of mark...
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    So how'd everyone go ?!?!

    i think i screwed it bad!! the last two essays for the options is bs... IT LOOK MORE LIKE A YEAR 11 yearly to me and the question is so so so vague... describe and analyse for 6 marks!!??!??!?!? :argue:
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    omg u gotta be kidding! it sounds more like a prac exam where u need to say exact what u measure the temperature is... to NickyP i think the best way is understanding... reding does help u but remember u gotta put that into words in the exam... so yeah do what Mistress Lilith say - do plenty...
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    Genetic: The Code broken anyone??

    hehe i certainly do hope so~~ but from the trend so far (english paper I and II) seems like the questions are getting tricker!! hehe but anyhow.. we'll get through it :cool: best of luck!
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    Genetic: The Code broken anyone??

    yeah i heard that too.. they are gonna do that to all sciences as far as i know ... :argue: WHAT ABOUT US?? do we get eaier HSC paper?? :cool: and for DeLiRiOuS thanks for the response~~ i just want to make sure coz there's really a lot to know under the gene expression in embryonic...
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    Vote your subjects!

    hehe lol~~ no man! i'm in heaven :D
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    Genetic: The Code broken anyone??

    cool! i dun know exactly which dot point it is... but its about homeotic genes and how it is expressed... do u know how much we need to know in this area??
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    Is This possible ?

    and mona what subject u do? i might have some notes for u if u doing the same sub as me... me doing bio chem phy ipt 3umath and english advance.. i dun see how these notes are going to be of any use for me after the HSC.. but prob will be good for ya~~ lazarus i'll try scan them and post it...
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    Is This possible ?

    wow speaking of the cylic nature of HSC.. the next HSC generation is already about to start... sigh.. *sorry just a moment of reflection about how time flies* and for ace-pilot.. i think just like lazarus says it is possible!! good luck :cool: