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  1. Brad.1990

    General Exam Thoughts

    I wrote 21 pages in all, 8 - first 7 - second and 6 - third But, I think as long as you answer the question accurately enough, and provide much detail, you should go ok.
  2. Brad.1990

    Who else wishes there were less essays?

    Hmm...To be completely honest, I think the essays are essential for the exam. For my trial, I managed a 34/60 for my essays, and 24/25 for my short answers. But, the reason why I went so poorly in my Essays was because I didnt really provide enough information about the question (such as...
  3. Brad.1990


    Question 21 - 2 booklets. Question 22 - 2 booklets. Question 23 - 2 bookelts. Question 25 - 3 booklets. TOTAL - 9. We had booklets with either 4 or 5 pages in them, im assuming 4 as 5 wouldnt work. So I filled about 8, meaning about mid-30 pages? Edit: And the lady gave me a...
  4. Brad.1990

    Correct Multiple Choice Answers (checked by teacher)

    I deskchecked Number 19 during the test, and done it again here, and I continue to get B) 10. And looking at the algorithm, I'm thinking B is right for 19. And for Number 9), I put c. As that is exactly what program traces do, compared to single line stepping which has to HALT the execution...
  5. Brad.1990

    Band 6 Cut Off???

    Well, Newy Uni offers 2 extra UAI points for a band 6 in SDD. So Im assuming it does scale very nicely. I'd take a guess at like 84/100 would get a band 6? I think i can manage it, I am in the top 3 in my class of 9, us three being the only three who actaully do compete. Funny enough, the...
  6. Brad.1990

    So, who noticed the two mistakes on page 18?

    I noticed what I done wrong (thinking an OR gate worked when only ONE of the inputs = 1, did it give a 1), so I got one 1 as my output for E. Lol. Damn. But hopefully with the error, they should be pretty leeway, and probs give everyone the marks for it. Else, they are marking unfairly. I...
  7. Brad.1990

    So, who noticed the two mistakes on page 18?

    Im pretty sure The BOS will have to drop both questions, to make it right for everyone. Meaning Im pretty sure the maximum mark would now be 95, rather then 100. Or they wont, Meaning the average will go up, and everyone (even the people who achieved poorly) will get 5 additional marks...
  8. Brad.1990

    So, who noticed the two mistakes on page 18?

    Because I sure did. #1. The 32 bit code for "FISH" was incorrect, as ASCII only uses 7-bit (well, standard ASCII anyways) and the question used 8, meaning all of the letters had an extra 128 value on them. #2. The C and D nor gate. Anyone notice that it only had one input? They combined the...
  9. Brad.1990

    Everyone ready?

    Oh, just hearing the word Physics gives me shivers down the spine. I have 12 units, and Physics and Maths are the 2 I am concerned about. I went good for me in Maths (looking at around 505-60%), and hoping to get around the same in Physics. It is just to much of a dirty, dirty whore though!
  10. Brad.1990

    Help with a M.C. question - Not highly important.

    What term is given to costs that arise from the separation of owners and managers? A. Conflicts of Interest B. Agency Costs c. Separation costs D. Incentive Costs I have no idea what the last three actaully are, so I put C as it seemed like the logical option. I was wondering what the three...
  11. Brad.1990

    Simpson's Rule / Trapezoidal Rule Issues.

    Thanks. I kind of get it. =]
  12. Brad.1990

    Simpson's Rule / Trapezoidal Rule Issues.

    SOMEONE. Can you explain to me hwo to apply these rules to equations. The question that is annoying me is: Find Intergral endpoints 7 and 1, x - 1 / x + 1 dx, using Simpson's Rule with 5 function values. The answer I got was 1.915. I am almost positive this is incorrect. HELP SOMEONE! Plz
  13. Brad.1990

    King Lear Help A.s.a.p On Context And Essay Structure

    KING LEAR is the module that is going to let me down in English. I need to know heaps of stuff on it. Does anyone know of anywhere I can get my hands on a summary of what I need to know??
  14. Brad.1990

    Maths Formulae

    Thanks heaps for these. Maths is one of my low points atm, and one of the two I need to improve greatly in if I am to get the UAI I would like. (the other subject is Physics). =]