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    Misadventure and Poor Marks

    Absolutely apply for misadventure and special consideration. My friend broke her arm and couldn't think clearly because of the high power pain killers which she became addicted to. When the pain subsided the doctor stopped prescribing the pain killers so she had to go cold turkey and then...
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    Muckup Day/Week: Ideas, Photos Etc

    We nicked rolls of toilet paper over about 6 months, then very early in the morning of muck up day, used them like streamers to decorate the school. It started to look a lot like Christmas..........
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    Repeating year 11 and 12

    Some TAFEs (e.g. St Leonards TAFE) offer HSC subjects as 2 years in 1. It is a much quicker way of repeating Year 11 and 12.
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    Quadratic Maximisation Questions Help

    Question 10: Let the length be L and the width be W. The fence goes around the outside, and there is one additional fence parallel with the length and 2 additional fences parallel with the width, and the total fence length is 1200m. Therefore 1200=2L+L+2W+2W Rearranging...
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    Quadratic Maximisation Questions Help

    Question 9: You need to convert the word problem into a number problem. Let the two pieces be x and y. First we know that the string is 6m long therefore X+Y=6 So Y=6-X …Equation 1 X is shaped into a square so each side is X/4 long and the area of the square is (X/4)^2 Y is...
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    Will I be capable of doing 4U Maths?

    If you are good at Maths and like Maths then definitely do Ext 2. Too many students are scared off doing Ext 2 by thinking it is too hard. I was one of them and have regretted it ever since. I got almost full marks for 2 unit and Ext 1, and because I didn't do Ext 2 my abysmal History mark got...
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    keep or drop ext 1?

    You need to ask yourself why are you doing Ext 1. If you want a career in science, technology or engineering then you will need Ext 1 to get straight into the university course you want. If you want a career in medicine, life sciences, economics etc then you should be able to get away with only...
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    Are you studying the right level Maths for your future?

    During Years 9 & 10, the level of mathematics taught at school starts to significantly diverge between the top math class and the lowest. Students who do not study at the advanced level will not complete Stage 5.3 by the end of Year 10. They will then not be prepared to study Advanced...