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    Do you think it is fair that people from here who get crappy marks can go overseas to other countries with lower marks and money to study med and

    When they finish the med degree overseas and want to return, apart from having to sit/pass the AMC exams they also need to get an internship (or AMC-approved supervised practice) before gaining AHPRA registration to work as doctor in Australia. This part is arguably harder than trying to get...
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    Direct vs provisional vs graduate

    It doesn't matter if it's better or not, if you like to do med you should try to enter straight from leaving school to get more chances. Beware that out of the students sitting UCAT/GAMSAT a year only 1 in 10 get in. So you have one chance as school leaver, if unsuccessful try again in...
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    Transferring to Medicine through UMAT

    No worries. You can show them the section under University students and graduates in this link >
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    Transferring to Medicine through UMAT

    You can also be 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year, or a graduate of UNSW or any other Aus uni, sit the UCAT and apply for UNSW med as a non-standard applicant. (But you should have 98+ ATAR and good GPA to have a reasonable chance).
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    Transfers to Med/Dentistry

    Solely for the purpose of transferring to undergrad Med/Dent, the best undergrad degree is one that you can get very high GPA to make yourself more competitive for selection. Its content doesn't matter. For applying later to graduate med/dent schools, same as above plus (if you plan to apply...
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    Which is better orthodontics or optometry or ophthalmology?

    Ophthalmologist is a medical specialist requiring a Medicine degree first. Out of each year cohort of about 300,000 students only 3000 get to do medicine and from there only 30 get to do Ophthalmology. IOW you have about 1 in 10,000 chance to become one. So be realistic, you choose now to focus...
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    Medical Science vs. Pre-Med

    If you plan to apply to UQ or Melb they require several pre-req subjects in your undergrad degree. Make sure you have them covered. Other than that there is absolutely no difference between doing MedSc or Pre-Med or even non-Med related degrees. Also no difference where you study (except...
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    Postgraduate Medicine

    UoM (and UQ by the time you finish undergrad) have a few prereqs on your undergrad degree, if you aim for these two schools you need to have them covered. Otherwise choose a degree that can provide you a reasonable career path in case you are unable to get into med, but also helps you achieve...
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    Medicine Entry

    Yes possible but how many schools you can apply to depends on your undergrad GPA (incomplete or completed). Most require you to sit the UCAT test. JMP: GPA 4.3+ completed degree or 4.8+ incomplete WSU: 5.6+ completed, 6.1+ incomplete Curtin: completed degree only, 6+ to be competitive JCU...
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    Need help for getting into dentistry

    One possible path is do first year of any degree that suits you, stack the year with units that you are strong with, score all HDs for GPA 7 and apply to Griffith Dent (so far GPA 7 is practically assured of a place). Its last 2 Master years of the 3+2 course is full fee totaling ~$120k but you...
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    Bridging Courses

    Don't know where you got that information from. You're not a school leaver so only eligible to apply to 4 undergrad med schools (JCU, JMP, WSU, UNSW), or the grad schools if you are in the final year of your degree. Only JCU out of these requires HSC Chemistry.
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    Including English in every ATAR is unfair to students with other strengths

    Would agree with that if Y12 English taught about technical/professional writing instead of studying century-old poems & novels.
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    Including English in every ATAR is unfair to students with other strengths

    WA's method is quite good. English is a compulsory subject requiring minimum of Pass (to get the equiv of HSC Certificate). After that, for ATAR it's treated the same as other subjects i.e. if it's not among the highest number of subjects that count toward ATAR aggregate then it doesn't count...
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    May possibly want to get into Medicine but don't know how.

    Take a look at this table, no Biology/Physics is okay but no Chem will make you ineligible to apply to nearly half the med schools. Thus your opportunities will be more limited > The...
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    Chance of receiving UNSW interview

    UNSW selection for interview is 50/50 ATAR+UMAT, for place offers 33/33/33 ATAR+UMAT+Interview. Past data show you need 100%ile with 96.0 (or 99%ile with 97.0) just to get an interview, then due to the 33/33/33 weighting must combine it with a top interview to get a place offer. This year...
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    Pathways to Medicine?

    For general courses, most postgrad at public unis and undergrad+postgrad at private unis are full-fee and get no subsidy from the gov. That means you incur the full tuition fees but can use FEE-HELP to pay for now (up to the 100ish-K limit) and pay it back in extra taxes when you start working...
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    The undergrad med schools include UNSW, WSU, JMP (UoN/UNE), JCU, Monash, Adelaide, UTas, Curtin. The graduate schools offering assured entry to school leavers include USyd 99.95, Melb 99.9 (or 99.0 for full-fee Med), Flinders 99.85, Griffith 99.80, UQ & UWA 99.0 plus good UMAT.
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    Undergrad med at Adelaide Uni and others?

    Adelaide receives around 2,500 applications from which they interview 800 for 120 places. There's no clear-cut realistic ATAR, since it counts 40% of the final ranking even high 99s (although having somewhat higher chances) can easily fail to get in if they are not adequate in the other 20%+40%...
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    Graduate medicine, dentistry and pharmacy

    With ATAR 93/94 you may have to forget about UNSW as they use GPA+ATAR. Even GPA 7 (max you can get) only pulls you up to 96/97 equivalent, not really competitive. WSU is either/or, if you haven't got >95.5 then you need GPA >6.1 to the end of the year you apply. JMP ignores ATAR and is much...
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    Graduate medicine, dentistry and pharmacy

    After starting uni you can do UMAT and (re)apply to UNSW, WSU, JMP Med in the next several years. If get in you start from Y1 again.