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    Physics for Computer Science

    I'm in software engineering, and it's not related unless you intend to do any electrical units.
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    WAM boosters

    PHIL2642 Critical Thinking doesn't give away marks, but it's not difficult to get least a distinction. It's also not a junior unit and doesn't have any specific prerequisites.
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    Developer Programmer

    Have you looked at CUSP? These are the two possible streams for a BIT: I don't know what you're up to now, but until third or fourth year it doesn't really matter...
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    Assumed Knowledge Physics for Software Eng

    There is no compulsory physics content in the USYD software engineering program. It's probably just listed because the other engineering programs require it.
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    Help me ahh!

    A degree in biomedical engineering would be best. It's offered here at USYD, I'm not sure about anywhere else.
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    How to drop?

    Do whatever you think is best. I would personally do it next year, but if you want to finish your degree in 4 years without overloading then summer school would be best.
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    Where is Linguistics in 2013-14 course list in UAC?

    You're going to have to do some research. I completed a major in linguistics at USYD as part of a Bachelor of Arts. That degree is generally the most versatile and, if it's offered at the university, will best allow you to study linguistics. If you're in NSW, then ANU, USYD and Macquarie all...
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    IT Degree or Computer Science ??

    Yep. I think I mentioned earlier it depends on each university. My experience is from USYD, which is more aligned with what I wrote.
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    How to drop?

    Which stream are you in? Mechanical and civil engineering each only have 1 subject in second year that requires ENGG1802. In the worst case, you're going to have to deal with the consequences of your actions. You may have to do part-time next year until you catch up, or else you may have to...
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    IT Degree or Computer Science ??

    Each degree will have a large common area, so you really can't go wrong with either. It also depends on the university for how they are structured. In my opinion though, an accredited engineering degree will always be the best in terms of job prospects, and a science degree more directed towards...
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    How to drop?

    Just do it next year.
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    IT Degree or Computer Science ??

    Computer Science is what the name implies: the science of computers. You don't learn how to code, you learn the underlying principles of computer systems. If you want to learn to code, read a book or go to TAFE. Engineering is geared more towards the design and implementation of problems, and as...
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    Semester 2 USYD Chatter Thread 2013

    I must be the only person who is liking Andrew Papanicolaou. I think he's much easier to follow than Di Warren, whereas she doesn't seem to be able to speak as clearly or concisely.
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    Semester 2 USYD Chatter Thread 2013

    I'm in the 8am stream for MATH1003 with Andrew Papanicolaou. He's a nice guy, but not too charismatic. Kinda reminds me of Liev Schreiber. He comes prepared and organised for the lectures though and does a good job of going through all the content.
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    What is't like going to USYD, while living in western sydney?

    University should be teaching people not to think like that. I come from Rouse Hill, not really culturally west, but distance-wise it's manageable. The people here are fine though, I know plenty from the Blue Mountains to Penrith and Parramatta, and you wouldn't be able to tell.
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    IT Degree or Computer Science ??

    Computer science will most likely give you more flexibility with what you want to do, but it can depend on the university. Software engineering might be more what you're after, with it being more about the implementation and design of software solutions.
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    Missed 2 Tutorials with good marks

    MATH1001 doesn't count attendance towards your final grade. Also remember that the final exam makes up a significant percentage of your final grade and everyone still has the potential to overtake you. Even if someone fails both quizzes, if they beat you in the final exam, it will take...
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    If maths is your only major, just do whatever interests you most. Alternatively or otherwise, take a look at any future subjects you're thinking of taking and see if they have any specific prerequisites.
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    USYD access card worth it?

    I've bought it twice in the last four years. You can just as easily become an unofficial club member and still participate in activities. Just ask the club to put you on their mailing list. It doesn't cost them anything extra to include you, the only downside is you don't get the access discounts.