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    MQ General chatter thread

    Re: Academic reshuffle? There's at least one degree (International Studies, if I remember correctly) where students enrolled from Sem 2 2009 will be forced to adhere to the 'new' structure being introduced in 2010. If in doubt, speak to Student Enquiries Services, and remember it's always...
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    Bachelor of Creative Arts

    In my personal opinion, it's 2/3 arts degree where you simply select one of the available majors, and 1/3 'art industry' business (where this includes random REAL business units as well). ARTS100, ARTS310/311 and ARTS300 (when taught by Mark Evans) are extremely valuable but I've found some of...
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    Women's Room at Macquarie uni

    I've been told that another aspect of the Women's Room is where women (with or without children) are able to pick up contraceptives + information on contraception/abortion etc. I'm not 100% sure whether this is still the case though. I think the idea of a Parent's room is a really good one...
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    2009 Macquarie Uni Offers / General Chatter

    Re: 2009 Macquarie Uni Offers You don't have to come up with a proposed timetable, but it's a brilliant idea if you do. Some people rock up to enrollment day with no clue of what kind of subjects they can or have to do - this can take hours of on-the-spot handbook reading and Timetable analysis...
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    I brought my daddy with me to enrollment :) Whoever your support is, you want them to be 'supportive' and respectful of your decisions as an adult. Be honest with yourselves, not all parents fit this bill. Bringing relatives to enrollment day might be a bit like bringing parents to the day when...
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    General Questions Regarding "Units" - Please Help

    I think it depends on what 200-level units you're trying to get into. Not all units are 'streamed' with an obvious link between 100 and 200 levels, and may be more indicative of "intensity" as AsyLum has mentioned above. I definitely have friends that were approved for ARTS200 in second semester...
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    Psychology students - what units are you doing?

    What kind of music/instruments are you into? Macquarie has a great contemporary music department - although I could understand if you're more into the classics.
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    General Questions Regarding "Units" - Please Help

    1) Unofficially "sort of", officially, no. Although many full-time students will find that this is the case (purely due to 200 and 300-level units having more prerequisites), the levels are purely that - levels. I know first year students who have studied 200-level units in their first year...
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    B Creative Arts...anyone?

    According to the 2009 physical handbook, you need entrance to certain degrees (of which the BCA is one) in addition to 12 cp to do BBA250. Additionally, unless you've had some serious business study in the past, I suggest you save it for second year - even third. I'd done ARTS105, BBA111 and...
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    Procrastination#1: Scariest thing that has ever happened to you?

    ^ I've been doing that a lot recently. Every time I'm out for "a little shuteye", I wake up eight hours later. And then repeat six hours later. (So if anyone wondered what I do on weekends, now you know. It's almost entirely spent trying to get rid of a horrible sleep debt)
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    White people/Or Western Asians

    if by white/'westernised' asian you mean non-international-student-from-asia, they're the vast majority of students on the western side of campus (humanities/scmp). Most of the international students with asian backgrounds are EFS students.
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    Macquarie University Open Day - Who's going?

    Ku-ring-gai campus = UTS
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    Info on B Science with B Arts Degree

    It's not really possible to "rank" the difficulty of degrees (aside from the obvious - Law has stacks of readings, therefore is high-pressure, therefore could be considered hard). Obviously if it's a subject you don't enjoy and don't have any kind of proficiency in it, it's going to be hard. But...
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    All your questions about CHIROPRACTIC answered

    I've long been a supporter of physiotherapy, but I'm looking at trying some chiro and osteopathy soon just to see what the difference is. $15 a session for students at the MQ chiro clinic... now there's a good deal!
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    Whats everyone up to lately?

    I have: * Just set a new personal record for number of part time jobs held at one time (four) * Taken part-time study to a while new level (ONE a semester, looking forward to just ONE next year... can you believe I was a full-time student for 2 1/2 years?) * Began to be able to recognise the...
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    Macquarie University for music?

    There's another girl at my singing studio studying vocal studies at USYD. As AsyLum mentioned, the big difference is that USYD is very classically-based, so opera for vocals (no microphones permitted), piano, violin etc. Whereas MQ is very contemporary, so focus is on contemporary vocals...
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    Cut the jokes, or get flushed - SMH Article

    If opt-out student contributions is what it will take to get some sort of union again, I'm for it. Obviously measures would have to be taken to keep it transparent-ish, but I'd like to see the opportunity for a fair, pro-active student union up again. I wonder what could be done about apathy.
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    Psych articles on Video Game Violence

    *eyeroll* Not a Psych student, but I think you'd find some useful stuff just in regards to people feeling more comfortable with 'mediated communication' that essentially, all their anxieties and insecurities that they can't deal with so well in real life freak them out. Over time, extended...
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    Good 200 level elective

    all vocal studies units (MUS205, MUS 206) = massive win!!!!
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    Writing Competition

    I really wanted to, but just didn't have the time this year. Looking forward to next year though - they will repeat this, right?