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    Will I be marked down?

    The marking centre does not 'shuffle the exam papers'. Hence the papers from the one centre stay together. Hence one school's papers will go to a very small number of markers (of course it depends on the size of your school). And if the marker reads a few virtually identical essays, he won't...
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    Shore thing 08

    Shut the f!@# up - Shore is such a crap school - Shore boys are so bloody up-themselves. You're detracting from the integrity of a great event. Eric Prydz absolutely kicks ass - I love Pjanoo, but this is even better Best House Music eva!
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    Removal of Softball and Baseball from Olympics

    It's ludicrous for them to be Olympic sport, although individually they're quite different cases: 1. Baseball does have a small degree of world-wide popularity (with the emphasis on the 'small', given that the 'world' series is between two American sides :P), but given that none of the major...
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    General Thoughts - Italian Beginners

    Anche se sono scortese, certamente ho ragione...quello che e' insulso non e' il mio punto di vista; anzi, e' il gruppo di alunni che studia il beginners - tu ne sei una dimostrazione. Tu non sai neanche compitare. Hai pensato che scrivere il tuo nome in Italiano sarebbe una stupenda idea - il...
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    General Thoughts: Latin Continuers

    That sounds a bit too slack but the general idea makes sense. Here is the way in which the two scaling systems work, which should explain why stuff appears screwed. A: The Board of Studies HSC marks are scaled by actual people - supposed 'experts' take a look at a certain percentage of the...
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    General Thoughts - Italian Beginners

    Penso che un tipico studente di 'italian beginners' non sia abbastanza intelligente per saper usare un computer - e' veramente un immenso peccato che loro siano cosi' 'ottusi' - tu sembri cosi' isolata...
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    General Thoughts: Latin Continuers

    No those are the subjects that scale up from the Board of Studies HSC mark to the UAC scaled marks - this happens because of the strength of the candidature alone. The latin continuers exam itself is extremely easy, and the marks are always very very high to start, so it probably scales down...
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    special provisions

    I know this guy from Moriah that got an extra 1.5 UAI points because his abnormally large nose impedes his sight of the blackboard. Seems kinda unfair to me
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    I was just wondering...a lot of my year seem to be really into it...especially these randoms called Josie Burger and Germaine Gilbert, they keep on going on about it? What do other people think about it? I've been hesitant to get involved...
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    Yeah I know a guy at this school and he told me that they had about 10 or so lines per page.
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    Instead of how many pages, how many words did you write?

    I think the general consensus is that that is about right for each task. Might even be fine with 3000 per task, but it's taking a big risk.
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    how many pages per section?

    \ Lol my teacher told us that she'd been an HSC marker and that you have to talk about 5 or 6 poems for Module B to get into any of the top bands. Think about it logically: say in journeys for coleridge, you have to speak about two poems, but then you have other texts, so it's only a third of...