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  1. MaddyR

    General Thoughts - Italian Beginners

    cool people
  2. MaddyR

    Section IV - Historical Periods

    did anyone else do the Augustan Age? if so, holy crap - reforms! thank you board of studies. this was our trial question, and my friends and I were discussing beforehand how if it was anything else, we'd be fucked. pretty much burst into laughter when I saw it. what did everyone else think? and...
  3. MaddyR

    Predicting what will be in it :S

    Augustan reforms FTW
  4. MaddyR

    Biased Marking

    There's a strong correlation between ranks and marks because they allocate the external marks according to your internal rank...
  5. MaddyR

    multiple choice answers

    Person 3 was a male and males can't be carriers.
  6. MaddyR

    General Thoughts - Biology

    Re: how did you go? Pretty sure it was D for 6
  7. MaddyR

    How competitive is year 12?

    It's competitive like hell until all the internal assessments and trials are over. Then you find once you get to HSC everyone wants to help each other out, swapping notes, asking a shitload of questions etc. Cause you've already established your rank now you just want EVERYONE to get good marks...