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    Comp problem

    "So I format now I install all drivers and halfway through the NVIDIA graphics card 7600GS 512MB it stuffs up and restarts." He's already formatted by the sounds of it - and is just getting straight restarts...
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    PC monitor...

    No, they don't. But I'm saying they were fine - so any monitor in the market should be fine for her. @ Schroedinger - amen...*hugs my WFP2407-HC*
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    Being called into work.

    They can't. Period. (well, I think they might have to pay you penalty rates or something if they do it by accident? I can't remember).
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    Work Availabilities during Year 12

    I think there was a week during my final exams where I pulled 30 hours. I'm still here =) I think it's a matter of 'as much as you think you can handle' rather than everyone else giving you their feelings to use. If you like pressure, add more...if you can't handle it, throttle back.
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    PC monitor...

    ~15ms shouldn't even matter if she isn't a gamer. Though I guess you'd want to get your bang for buck =P
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    Comp problem

    Not necessarily the GFX card - if it was stuffing around, you'd likely see other visual symptoms before this (though I'm not completely discounting it). Using another computer, download Memtest86+ ( and burn it to CD. Boot off this CD on the screwy computer and let it...
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    CentOS - Some opinions?

    Yeah, I've decided to move to Debian 4.0 instead... Had a play around with CentOS 5 - virtualisation was extremely tricky because of the way that Red Hat/CentOS manages network adapters that I'd use. I had used virtual TAP interfaces for each virtual machine which I could not get working...
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    PC monitor...

    Then claim warranty again ;) Just take the proview to be honest with you. By the time it does break, a new 19" won't cost you that much anyway - and we'd be looking at getting OLED monitors (which will push LCD prices down further).
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    Rebuilding the computer

    Well, I guess the word 'rebuild' is synonymous with 'reimage' or 'reformat' in some parlances... Anyway - is your computer a 'plain box' computer or branded (e.g., HP, Lenovo, ASUS...) computer? However, the steps are basically: 1. Backup your data 2. Reboot computer and insert your recovery...
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    Spanning large PDF across multiple pages

    It should do it automatically, if I'm thinking right. Provided that you set the Paper size (File > Page Setup) to A4, it should span to print all areas of the document...
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    Duo E6850 or Quad 6600

    OP isn't interested in OCing...
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    PC monitor...

    Most consumer-level LCD monitors use panels from one of three panel manufacturers. Two of the three are average. The other is expensive. HP charges for 'its brand'. Get the extra 4" I say.
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    CentOS - Some opinions?

    ...from those who've used it, of course. I'm thinking of migrating my current Ubuntu 7.04 web server / virtualisation server over to CentOS 5 + Webmin/Virtualmin. Though I'm of the belief that most Linux/UNIX OS behave very similarly, is there anything in particular I should watch out for when...
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    Vista Error

    Memory is overrated.
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    I'm looking at CPU coolers, Can anyone recommend a good one?

    Of if you're really crazy - that new 140mm model is out from I don't know how it fares in the performance stakes though.
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    Duo E6850 or Quad 6600

    Cite your source. Last time I checked, single threaded applications can only be run on one CPU because you cannot arbitarily divide threads effectively. Most software on the market right now is single threaded. I don't see how a 2.8GHz cannot beat a 2.4GHz processor with exactly the same...
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    HELP! won't let me install audio drivers

    LOL Thanks for pointing that out =P
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    HELP! won't let me install audio drivers

    Meaning you can hear sound? Then I guess the hardware is being driven by the OS!
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    Mac Vs window Os platforms

    Ok, so you've stated your opinion. Now, explain WHY?
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    My First Laptop

    If you like the look of it, and can afford it - go for it! It's a bit like mobile phones...some see it as a way to express themselves. It's pretty hard to get a bargain without going brand-name which means cost (eg, VAIOs are ridiculously overpriced). I'm not sure of HP's build quality but...