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    Swizzle's Love Thread - Post anonymous messages to your secret crush

    FUCK YOU. I was really hoping I was wrong about you. (Apparently bagging someone out annonymously on the internet helps)
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    Some advice from a guy who fucked 100+ chicks

    I'm not sure about the musical instrument thing, I generally don't find guitarists or drummers etc all that attractive. Male piano players on the other hand! I also don't find lots of muscles all that attractive either, they're kindve gross. Just a nice moderate build is good, not too flabby...
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    Is Having A Boyfriend In High School Really Necessary?

    Totally not necessary. Cooties exist, avoid them.
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    them Sydney Trains moments

    Re: annoying city rail moments Haha, you've got nothing. Was seeing a laryngectomee the other day and he coughed. So ofcourse this mix of phlegmy blood goes everywhere out his neck stoma. Worst part is im pretty sure some of it got on my arm. Ew.
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    Happy Forever Alone Day!

    Haha, metaphorically speaking I had career sex today. Not the kind that involves sleeping with the boss or any kind of nudity at all, but the kind that will help me get a massively awesome job. (Does that count?)
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    them Sydney Trains moments

    Re: cityrail moments Mild I suppose compared to some of these. One day I was waiting at the station and this lady came walking straight up to the bin, rummaged through it, pulled out a cigarette butt and then went and sat down, lit it up and smoked it.
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    You are so not going to cope if you ever really have your heart broken.
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    Rollcall 2011!

    How disappointing, no new speechie girls. There's normally at least one!
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    Rollcall 2011!

    Well, I'm at uncle. But in my 4th year doing speech path.
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    Generally a D average, GPA of 6ish i think
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    UNCLE SEMESTER 1 Results

    D, D, C and P. Another semester down, over half way now!!
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    UNCLE subject help.

    Hi, there are only like 10 people who regularly visit this forum so you will have to wait a little longer than 13 minutes to get a reply. In answer to your question I would recommend going to the hub and explaining it to them, they will be able to point you into the right direction. You need...
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    whats the best way to put on HEAPS of weight quickly?

    Try mixing butter, cream or adding cheese to vegetables, ice-cream with topping or custard/ rice pudding for dessert, eat a healthy portion of meat for at least 5 nights a week. Have lots of snacks through the day (fruit, or full-fat dairy snacks, milkshakes etc). Add some skim millk powder into...
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    Is there such a thing as too much fake tan?

    Any fake tan is too much fake tan.
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    schoolies for under 18s

    I was 17, so i went to fiji. Awesome time, just went with one friend.
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    2010 official "funny quirks of my day" thread.

    Haha, i see him all the time.
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    Speech Pathology

    You don't have to, i probably wouldn't recommend a bridging course exactly, you would just need to put more effort into studying etc. all of the information you need is in the textbook so when and if the time comes just put the effort into teaching yourself all the terminology etc you're not...
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    Speech Pathology

    I read this topic and i'm like pick me pick me! Im a speechie kid. I'm halfway through my third year now. The course is about half half science to ling. The first two years are based mostly upon child language (ew). But third year is more neurosciency where you do all of the stuff on...
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    2010 official "funny quirks of my day" thread.

    Achievements so far this week: * Free pancakes from creepies. * 3 free bottles of iced tea. * Free lunch courtesy of Janelle Bloom. * Free lollypop. * 4/5 of a free freddo. Edit *And a free pink balloon dog.
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    HSC Study Day, 16th July.

    were on holidays when theyre there.