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  1. redraw

    Cum - to spit or to swallow?

    Homosexuals are amoral and disgusting.
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    General Thoughts - French Continuers

    No shut up Ziggy you don't even do French, didn't read the paper, have no idea what you are talking about, are an idiot and an awful troll. Be quiet. I thought Monica Nashed was the top of French and NSG? Anyway I saw the paper and it seemed pretty fair. The questions for the RnR A were...
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    Which Selective SChool is best at sport?

    Um Sydney Grammar dominated Sydney Boys in every single sport on every single level... funding has nothing to do with it. In everything from rowing to chess, football to rugby, Grammar was leaps and bounds ahead of their Sydney Boys rivals.
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    Weirdest place you have m*bated?

    Re: Weirdest place you have masturbated? How convenient... perhaps a little too convenient...
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    Weirdest place you have m*bated?

    Re: Weirdest place you have masturbated? You're just jealous your parents abandoned you when you were born, as they were [justifiably] afraid of the spawn of Satan.
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    General Thoughts - Italian Beginners

    My thoughts, unlike you, are far from impotent. Sure, if you are no longer interested in it, then why do you continue retorting and posting? I count 5 replies since I last said anything, 4 of which are from you. Display names, like everything else, always have some significance. I don't...
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    Shore thing 08

    Don't go. We at Shore do NOT need you pleb scum at our concert. Go back to working the streets, you prole.
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    General Thoughts - Italian Beginners

    It's a long-standing dispute we've been having.. don't worry.. we're both being facetious.
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    French soon!

    Je ne fais rien. Aurai-je tout changé? Non, je ne regrette rien. Rien de rien.
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    General Thoughts - Italian Beginners

    Your only retort consists of the words "haughty" and "scortese". Congratulations on the breadth and depth of your vocabulary and sentence structures. Or is that not a criterion for the Beginners course, as it is assumed they cannot achieve this? "YOU have just made a spectacle of yourself, and...
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    General Thoughts - Italian Beginners

    Sinceramente, vaffanculo.
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    General Thoughts - Italian Beginners

    You are the first person to revert back to English, since you cannot speak Italian to any level (as also shown in your posts above). I don't think you quite understood the irony in the whole Boganville thing. Perhaps you should look it up. In any case, it is almost self-evident that "i" is...
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    If you want to complain about blatant Ruse cheating

    Their marks have a direct impact on everyone else's.
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    General Thoughts: Italian Continuers

    I said "tanti canguri per quest'anno".
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    Hm peut-être. However what stumps me is Orlando's fascination with it, especially as a man. And then there's the recurring Old woman. perhaps it symbolises the intellectual exclusion of women; they are instead simply shunned to perform menial tasks?
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    But I don't get bits. For example, what's with the "poetry".
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    Hey guys, I really, really want to write about Orlando tomorrow for Pomo, but I'm struggling to understand it. Anyone got notes?
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    The Picture of Dorian Grey

    no, it's awful.
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    Cum - to spit or to swallow?

    This topic discriminates against gays.
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    help with maths

    Perhaps because you are scum and they needed to show you that.