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  1. sif not 99

    Third Major for Bcomm

    you can only really do a double major and only two majors will be recognised on your testamur. You can do enough units to add up to three majors though.
  2. sif not 99

    how is commerce @ USYD?

    I rate B Com (Liberal Studies) since that's what i do i guess! My mate just finished it and got a job at UBS where if u do a normal com degree you almost certainly would have had to do honours for getting a look in there. Like me you will get to your third year and laugh at all of your...
  3. sif not 99

    big 4 company

    Just a few off the top of my head; sure I've missed some. Goldman Sachs Merril Lynch Lazard Citibank Credit Suisse First Boston JP Morgan Morgan Stanley Nomura Bank BNP Paribas ABN Amro UBS Deutsche Bank Macquarie Investec Rothschild
  4. sif not 99

    B commerce at Usyd or UNSW

    certainly! I just learnt something =) Thanks hehe!
  5. sif not 99

    B commerce at Usyd or UNSW

    yeah I rate UQ, went there for intervarsity debating last year its a pretty kewl place... Seraphim dude who do u think you are seriously, i think u must have two d*cks honestly because you couldnt be that silly playing with one... I dont do a management major but just because you dont rate it...
  6. sif not 99

    Bachelor of Commerce (Liberal Studies)??

    the compulsorary subject is random and fucking annoying. im doing it atm as well it sucks big time such a waste of time, apart from that the degree is pretty kewl. Which seminar are u in toodulu?
  7. sif not 99

    LAw Transfer

    lexie u work too hard!!!! u should spend more time making your hair look mad to give us a chance ahahah!!!
  8. sif not 99

    q bout commerce! help...

    commerce at sydney is as good as new south uni life at syd shits all over it.... =)
  9. sif not 99

    1st year subjects

    i would do acct 1a and 1b for sure I am in comm lib and i did all the comm pre reqs apart from Biz Info Systems (screw that subject to hell) plus two government units - mad degree so flexible =) and metrics B you can also watch your fellow accounting tute mates with mire as u tell them you...
  10. sif not 99

    honours, anyone?

    lexie u doing govt 2 honours? i got the letter as well I dont know if I could be screwed, 2nd year accounting seems more exciting atm
  11. sif not 99

    Exam Results

    AHAHA know how u feel nothing back yet for me either
  12. sif not 99

    Any1 doing Bachelor of Commerce at Usyd or UNSW

    no there are no good job opportunities for ppl with commerce degrees..... HRM is apparantly pretty boring, thats what my friend who do it have said, at usyd u have to do industrial relations law and stuff with it which isnt the best ive heard
  13. sif not 99

    commerce accounting at sydney

    i think acturial studies would be harder, i did acct at syd but no acturary....
  14. sif not 99

    Debating Society?

    not per se, rather they hold competitions called regionals every week during semester where you compete against the other unis, this year they were held at usyd, im not sure what they are doing next year, I only went for the first semester... there is the debates and public issues committee...
  15. sif not 99

    Bach Eco and Social Sciences

    only need to do 2 science subjects, do a BS one like psych or history and philosophy of science or something like that or human geography or somethin, or you could go hardcore math =) =)
  16. sif not 99

    commerce accounting at sydney

    accounting is not all fun and games, I provide the fun and games however =) the best thing about this semester was choosing not to go to accounting lectures, I feel liberated....the good thing about accounting is that they do the maddest lecture notes so you can learn it all at home...
  17. sif not 99

    Good Luck!

    as a friend of ours just said "the money cows are going to the slaughterhouse", I was a tutor so technically I can still say that =) its ever so amusing that it isnt us this time hehe =)
  18. sif not 99

    Bach Eco and Social Sciences

    yeah its a pretty mad degree....u can do much the same under B Com (liberal studies) with three majors =) and it sounds better, that being if you want to be employable at the end of it...if not do a BA, if you want to be semi employable to a B Ec Soc Sci, if u want that job then B Com (Liberal...
  19. sif not 99

    what marks did people get in the CSSA?

    ahahah caristo from santa sabina shes a laugh and a half =) she aint a freak! if u know her ud be surprised......
  20. sif not 99

    How does Ancient tend to be scaled?

    yeah an average of high band 5 will help majorly, i think ours was about 87 or so, its not so much ur ability to know historians, rather your ability to come up with something which is believable....i crammed that much I didnt know what was and what wasnt true by the end of it but it "sounded"...