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  1. agent michael scarn


    If i enrol now, will i be able to defer the degree later or will i be stuck with it?
  2. agent michael scarn


    how do you apply for the HECS loan and the CSP thing before the census date?
  3. agent michael scarn

    ATAR results/reveal thread

    I literally cant figure out how to do this inspect element stuff, im going to cry
  4. agent michael scarn

    ATAR results/reveal thread

    im literally going through the seven stages of grief at the same time😞😞
  5. agent michael scarn

    BoS meet up

    I’ll also attend
  6. agent michael scarn

    LAT Results

    am i the only one who got hit by a truck after seeing my score? lol
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    Im pretty sure they don’t have to be… But its better to put ur highest preference first tho
  8. agent michael scarn

    EAS Q

    can i fill in the eas forms online then upload, or do i need to hand write it then scan?
  9. agent michael scarn

    subject advice appreciated :)

    year 11 legal was the bane of my existence, like nothing made me want to die under a rock more than those topics lol. BUT in saying that year 12 legal topics were much more enjoyable… i would def recommend keeping legal + ur doing good in it as well so itll be a breeze IT GETS BETTER DW!!
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    Business Studies HSC Exam Predictions/Thoughts

    I really hope its a marketing essay
  11. agent michael scarn

    wsg lol

    actually perhaps you should thank me lmao, i’ll be lowering the bell curve for y’all
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    wsg lol

    thanks this was very enlightening. you’re quite the storyteller my friend, and don’t worry i won’t let my inconsistencies get the best of me in the short answers.
  13. agent michael scarn

    wsg lol

    does this mean we’re so gone? lmao
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    Predictions for Eng. advanced questions 2022??

    What do you guys think we’re going to get for mod b?
  15. agent michael scarn

    advanced english discursive?

    so it’d be when ur story can read as a discursive and vice versa, obv you‘d need make little tweaks to it fit with all the elements of the writing mode you choose. For example, the overarching idea for mine is writers block. Now it also includes examples from other famous writers and texts that...
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    Which census in SOR exam?

    But my teachers also an hsc marker and he told us to practice with the 2021 census…
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    rip to ur hands after english 😭😭
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    English Short Answer Inquiry

    I call dibs on the right hand
  19. agent michael scarn

    that was so awkward lmao

    that was so awkward lmao