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    can an individual get into engineering w only 2u math

    as a 2u student myself, it is definitely doable even at unsw. since they teach quite alot of the concepts from scratch, you just have to pull your socks up and keep up with the pace and the new concepts. doing 3u/4u would only slightly lessen your load and would give you a lesser shock once you...
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    Anyone here go to Chatswood library?

    Yeah I used hang out and study right outside of KFC at the Westfield food court, after the library closed at 8. Those were some interesting times
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    2023 HSC chat

    ah yes in unsw, always assume there's someone smarter than you
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    2023 HSC chat

    from what ive heard from a friend of mine whos doing math1141 "The lecturer asked who did 4u math, and everyone raised up their hands" my friend only did 2u
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    basically all phys teachers at my school are bad

    rip, too bad mr xiao left during my year
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    2023 HSC chat

    imagine doing math1141
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    How to ace a speech for A2 HSC

    get some flash cards from officeworks, and break apart your paragraphs to fit into those cards. iirc people would be either on their phones or would be trying to finish their own speeches, so the stage fright wont be so bad
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    First week

    Math1131/Engg1181. i feel like i have been released from a cage, but i still find this freedom abit overwhelming. the light rail still sucks ass though
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    UCAT prep?

    these kids study more for year 10 than i did for the hsc
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    Anyone here go to Chatswood library?

    macquarie uni should be a really good place to study, lesser immature year 10s there
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    Anyone here go to Chatswood library?

    Used to go there every weekday in year 12, should be quiet now as trials/hsc is far away, while the room booking is also nice if you can string together 3 other friends. otherwise your best friends would be the tall tables near the hsc books and a good pair of noise cancelling headphones w/ spotify
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    BoS meet up

    And won
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    HSC Results thread

    time to give nesa a call
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    Learning 3U by myself

    Just finished the 2022 Math 2U advanced HSC, honestly starting to regret that I did not choose Extension 1 maths in yr 10, since I was in 5.2 at the time, but honestly my 2U internal results werent that bad. Especially after realising that my course in University would have 3U as assumed...
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    Proud of u 2022 cohort <3

    me and the maybe 6 other people that does engineering studies can finally say that we all survived
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    BoS meet up

    it would be great to meet like the 3 other engineering studies students
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    Economics Predictions

    honestly the short answer section was good this year, no 6 markers and all straightforward
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    Chemistry predictions

    seeing that the difficulty was about the same as last year, im predicting that it should be around the low 80s of 80-82
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    Chemistry predictions

    that test was kinda doomed, all of the calculations after question 30, i basically invented new chemistry
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    Chemistry predictions

    yeah especially those weird ppm high mark questions that were in some of the 2022 trials