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  1. Tim035

    CA Program - Ask questions, get answers! (new and improved)

    Hi Seremify, How many pages is the typical CLP pack? and how structured is the content? From the past CA papers, CT solutions and Kaplan papers I've been looking at, it seems like they can ask anything in the tax module from the ITAA's, GST and FBT Acts, which seems ridiculous! Is there at...
  2. Tim035

    B.psych or b.commerce/science?

    Do Comm/Sci, keep your WAM competitive and look to get in to an intern in the HR division at a firm next summer. Not only will this help you decide if it's a career you would like to pursue compared to being a psychologist, it will often lead to a grad job and will likely prevent you having to...
  3. Tim035

    what is a good combination among these commerce majors?

    Re: what would be the commerce (majoring in marketing and accounting) contact hour be Both accounting and marketing would have ~3-4 contact hours a week per subject, typical load is 4 subjects a semester so yeah 12-13 hours a week is about right, usually you can comfortably squeeze this all in...
  4. Tim035

    what is a good combination among these commerce majors?

    Re: If I do a commerce degree majoring in marketing what jobs can i get when i gradua Janitor, garbage man, professional finger painter.
  5. Tim035

    higher return than stockmarket?

    Managed funds are doing it rough atm, I have hedged index fund with Vanguard that's doing mildly better than just my online high interest bank account. The simple way to look at it is there are a huge number of extremely intelligent, highly knowledgeable fund managers out there. But by the law...
  6. Tim035

    Work experience vs Honours IB

    Honours can be beneficial if you do exceptionally well (I.e. distinguished first class honours or university medal), otherwise work experience would be more beneficial, although if you've already completed a 4 year cadetship and you have good grades but still fail to get in to a grad program...
  7. Tim035

    Accounting question

    I remember when reading through the graduate stats for the various service-lines the starting salaries were basically the same across all areas, only more broadly speaking were there some differences whereby I'm pretty sure marketing and HR were a bit lower and actuary was a bit higher. Even...
  8. Tim035

    Comm/Science Any Thoughts?

    My job :D It's fine to do as a premed degree, except you'll be spending 10 years at university should you proceed all the way to becoming a doc. Then there is intern and registrar years, meaning expect to be in...
  9. Tim035

    Difference between BBA and BCom?

    I have a friend currently about midway through his BBA at macquarie, one advantage he's stated is there's some sort of guaranteed work-experience for those students who achieve a distinction + average, plus a lot of the courses are taught with a real industry focus and take place in the Sydney...
  10. Tim035

    How would you rate your uni's accounting courses

    Thanks for the feedback guys; I think I had my judgement skewed a bit from reading too many posts about accounting on whirlpool forums, I've since talked to friends at macquarie who were largely positive about their experiences with the courses there. Only my friend at UWS stressed that his...
  11. Tim035

    How would you rate your uni's accounting courses

    It's a fairly common notion that accounting, when taught by a monotonic proffessor with a non-native English speaking background can be more powerful and mind numbing then horse tranquilizer. However in the interest of progressing beyond a junior analyst, going back to do a masters of...
  12. Tim035

    best uni to do master of commerce by coursework in Australia

    With good grades you'll walk away from any of those uni's with the same opportunities. Usyd has just updated/revitalized their course for those commencing 2012, also they are now one of the only uni's I know of where it's possible (provided you have the undergrad grades to qualify) to receive...
  13. Tim035

    Actuarial Studies

    Almost all uni's offer a masters of commerce, which is a 1.5 year degree where you are certainly able to major in actuary studies. However they will cost you ~$35'000 in FEE-HELP as typically only full-fee-paying is an option. But if you want to fulfill the requirements for membership with the...
  14. Tim035

    who is the most jacked on these forams??

    I still talk to Cannibal horse from time to time on facebook, he's still going strong, has an awesome setup at his house now: power rack, bumper weights, Olympic bar etc etc...
  15. Tim035

    wats ur gym routine

    Cutting the weight training down to 2-3 sessions a week and starting Brazilian Jiu-jitsu up again, this time at Roots-Jiujitsu Sydney CBD.
  16. Tim035

    who is the most jacked on these forams??

    Oops, typo, should read squat/bench/dead 120/105/150kg
  17. Tim035

    wats ur gym routine Good routine if you've done the hard yards with a pure strength routine and are now looking for something with higher volume and some hypertrophy mixed in with power days.
  18. Tim035

    who is the most jacked on these forams??

    We use to have a couple of serious power lifters on these boards (some of them made the sticky's- Quik and cannibalhorse), my 5 rep bench/squat/dead is 105kg/120kg/155kg at 6"0, 87kg. Just had the fkinn flu though and hardly trained/ate all last week, did my first session back last...
  19. Tim035

    Bachelor of science

    Yes, but it's a bit of a funny career path. If you want to get into regulatory affairs, or drug safety / pharmacovigilance, you'll likely have to start off as a sales rep and then climb the corporate ladder to get those more science orientated / high paying jobs. The other option I'm seeing a...
  20. Tim035

    GAMSAT cut-off for Usyd interviews this year?

    Do you think with Usyd going independent from the consortium, meaning pretty much everyone within reason might as well apply to Usyd for med, that the GAMSAT cut-off for an interview is likely to jump from ~63 which was the 2011 entry cut-off? (and is annoyingly what I attained this year for my...