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  1. InLimbo

    Retrieving UTS Student ID number

    I think I've tried everything and nothing's giving it to me. Damn UTS already making my life difficult.
  2. InLimbo

    Retrieving UTS Student ID number

    I got an offer into UTS last night, and proceeded to accept my offer. However I need my student ID number and I don't believe I've been given one at any point in the process. Are there any solutions, or should I call them? If so, what number is it, and what are their hours?
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    Post your 2006 UAI here!

    SAM: 97.05 UAI: 97.40 Humm, I love being one of the few that SAM underestimated.
  4. InLimbo

    Post your 2006 HSC results here!

    I remember looking at these forums from last year and imagining what it will be like when I get to write it them and be finished with my HSC for good. English Advanced: 94. Band 6. English Ext 1: 44. Band 3 English Ext 2: 43. Band 3. Economics: 88. Band 5 Modern History: 88. Band 5...
  5. InLimbo

    Formal theme on cruise

    Possibly/probably a stupid question, but do we need to take a suit onto the cruise for the formal theme nights? I mean, a formal sorta shirt should be sufficient, no?
  6. InLimbo

    The Official Football Thread 2006/2007

    Liverpool beat PSV 2-0. Let's hope this is a repeat of 2004-2005 with the whole piss poor effort in the league but victory in the Champions League. I'd settle for that.
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    post up your itunes top 25

  8. InLimbo

    Drinking age on cruise islands

    Umm, I know it's a city, hence why I said it would be ok. Stops at Noumea, Lifou Island and Isle of Pines
  9. InLimbo

    MUSE in sydney jan 07!

    Re: Who's going to see MUSE? Muse was my first concert back in 2004. If it's anything like that was, you'll be blown away, I assure you.
  10. InLimbo

    The Official Football Thread 2006/2007

    Being a Liverpool fan can be tough...
  11. InLimbo

    Ian Thorpe quits professional Swimming

    Giant who cares
  12. InLimbo

    The Football Thread

    Re: The Official A-League Thread. I'd rather support an underperforming Sydney team than an overachieving team of criminals in Melbourne. Oh, and Asian Champions League. kthxbye
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    seattle sound

  14. InLimbo

    Mars Volta tour

    I'm there... postponed til March unfortunately. And no offence to anyone, but why do people keep on with these comparisons between TMV and Sparta? They're two different bands with two different sounds. No more 'I wish it was Sparta' posts. Again, no offence, I'm just pointing out that it's...
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    post up your itunes top 25

    Sigur Rós - Glósóli - 194 Radiohead - Let Down - 191 Sigur Rós - Hopp*polla - 189 Sigur Rós - Sæglópur - 189 Sigur Rós - Gong - 177 Muse - Map of the Problematique - 158 Sigur Rós - Hjartað hamast - 156 Radiohead - Where I End And You Begin - 152 Radiohead - There There - 145 Sigur Rós -...
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    What was the last CD you bought?

    Sigur Ros - Von
  17. InLimbo

    MUSE in sydney jan 07!

    Re: Who's going to see MUSE? Me!!! On the 23rd at the Hordern then on the 25th at BDO. Will be my 2nd and 3rd times seeing them.
  18. InLimbo

    Drinking age on cruise islands

    Official site regarding New Caledonia says only tap water in rural areas may be unsafe for drinking. So Noumea would be fine, and the other two should be ok considering they would be big tourist spots, so they should also have a few good bars and stuff around, no?
  19. InLimbo

    Morning after pill

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    Official Anticipated Album Releases

    apologies all round