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    Legend of Korra Finale

    What did you guys think? absolutely loved it.
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    How accurate are ATAR calculators?

    I've put my marks into about 4 different ATAR calculators, and checked every year of the MATRIX one. They are all giving 99.95 without fail. Am I just setting myself up for disappointment tomorrow? - What chance do I have of not getting this? (The aggregates are all around 480).
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    Email: re submitting works for showcase

    Did everyone get one?
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    'Sydney Scholars' scholarship

    Anyone else got a conditional offer?
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    Anyone with a >80% chance of 99.95?

    Report in! What subjects do you do, how have you gone in exams, what are you expecting for an aggregate out of 500, etc.
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    Anyone expecting 95+ raw?

    i.e anyone expecting a good chance of a state rank?
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    Multiple Choice Solutions

    Hi, Here are the answers for the multi's. Ask me if you want any clarification. 1: A 2: B 3: D 4: B 5: C 6: C 7: B 8: C 9: D 10: A 11: D 12: B 13: D 14: A 15: A 16: C 17: D 18: A 19: B 20: C I'm almost certain these are all correct, but obviously open to any well explained corrections.
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    Raw mark for State Rank?

    Hi! :) Is anyone aware of what raw mark you need for a state rank in modern history/what you think it will be this year? Cheers.
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    Raw mark needed for state rank?

    Does anyone know?
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    Major Works!

    Post your favourite sentence/para from your major works! I'd love to see the styles of what everyone else has been doing.
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    Sharing Trial Papers

    Hey guys! I thought it could be a great idea if everyone shared what trial exams they've had in their school, so we can start preparing for the HSC.
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    Do any of you consider yourselves geniuses?

    Just out of interest!
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    Really worried about this year... please help?

    Hi! So I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place to post this, but hopefully it is - I just was hoping for some advice regarding my upcoming study, and how much I'll need to do/what I should prioritise to get an ATAR of 99.95. Historically I've always been in the top 3 ~ for my year at...