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  1. M

    Band 6 in Engineering Studies...waitt... say whaaat?

    Anyone else here suprised with you Engineering Studies mark. I am hella supprised that my mark was 90 and B6... especially after that exam.
  2. M

    Finding amu

    So how do we find the amu of something with so much accuracy (I am talking 5 or 6 decimal places). In my textbook they use this accuracy in the data tables, are we expected to use this much accuracy if they don't provide us the info in a table etc. and if they do, how do we do it. I only...
  3. M

    Significant Figures

    There was another post somewhere (shared across to the Chemistry section) however I have tried finding it without success (was on it the other day). Today I was doing a question and cross checking with the supplied sample answers. Data given was mass (2 sig figs), current (1 sig fig) and...
  4. M

    Coordinate Geometry - Division of an interval in a given ratio

    Hey, Can anyone confirm wether knowledge of how to do 'Division of an interval in a given ratio' questions is required for a 2U student. I can't remember doing anything like it with my teacher however it is in my textbook.
  5. M

    Increasing function

    Guessing it has something to do with f'(x) > 0 ? I got as far as finding f'(x) and thats it. Cheers.
  6. M

    Find True Length Size

    Hey, I can't seem to find anywhere how to find the true length size from a picture. I remember something to do with making it parallel to the X-X axis (a property which will make it TL in the other view). Help please, this question can be used as an example.
  7. M

    2008 HSC Solutions

    Hey, Does anyone happen to have the 2008 Engineering Studies HSC Exam solutions? Thanks in advance!